Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Lucky Kitties

Me: Look Kitties! Look what else Kim Wood had in her bag of goodies!

Simon: Let me see! Let me see!

Kitten: Geez o'pete. I don't need no stinking hot gloves.

Me: No, Kitten. She didn't bring gloves for you.

Simon: Let me see! Let me see!

Me: Calm down, Simon. There is something for both of you.

Kitten: Alright then. Show us if you must.

Whereupon I brandish forth two bags of special gourmet cat treats!

Me: See! One is Beachside Crunch. Loaded with the yumminess of shrimp, crab and tuna!

Kitten: I can get those flavors across the road.

Simon: Goody! Goody!

Me: Look you guys. The other is Picnic Crunch. Chicken, turkey and cheddar!

Simon: Prrrrrrrr!

Kitten: Cheese binds me up.

Me: Well, ok then. Maybe I will give some to Simon then.

Kitten: Just you try to rustle these out of my paws!


Jamqueen said...

Sounds like a conversation that would happen here too!

Linda Dorton said...

At my house, the commando would have appreciated the gifting idea, but they would have been bummed it wasn't catnip. I am pretty sure they'd have enjoyed what they got, other than Mokito who would vocalize his displeasure!