Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mexico Shots

Not all roads in Mexico are old, beat up and full of pot holes.

Thank Goodness.


Jackie said...

Oh good God! I’m not sure if I could drive across that bridge. I certainly couldn’t look down.

Anonymous said...

Naw...I'll take the more "sceneic" route.

Linda Dorton said...

So did you enjoy crossing this bridge? Where is this, by the way?

MD in Texas said...

Holy cow! Someone else would have to drive me over that bridge as I would have my eyes closed!!!!

lisa said...

Now that is Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great photo.
Is it the highway to Oaxaca?

Thanks for the Wireless Internet was very informative. Doug

Calypso said...

I would be nervous - there is a similar style bridge (on pillars in the air) that collapsed a few months ago in Xalapa. The blame was placed on an over weighted truck and a reckless driver.

The thing is that Mexico does little to regulate the weight of some of these HUGE trucks with even more HUGE loads. The roads give out.

There was also a bridge that collapsed in the Tuxpan area here on the east coast last year -

So that bridge would make me nervous.

Brenda said...

Ah but bridges also collapse in the USA and they are supposedly better regulated.
I say go for it, when it is your time, it is your time.

Linda Dorton said...

Calypso, I doubt that Isla Gringo needs anything to make him more nervous about a bridge like that!

Islagringo said...

Jackie: it was a great view

carl/debbie: tell me that after you have spent weeks driving around Mexico. You will take a good freeway every chance you get.

Everybody: My notes don't state exactly where this bridge is. But judging where it falls chronologically in my photos, I would say between Oaxaca City and Taxco. I actually did enjoy crossing the bridge. Maybe because it was not over water.