Monday, May 03, 2010

Keeping The Faith

Faithful reader, kind-hearted soul and part-time Isla resident, Kim Wood, gave me a call last week.

"Can you come over to my condo?", she asked. "I have some stuff for the kids."

Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to make arrangements and head downtown.

I had not yet met Kim face to face. I was impressed. Her generosity of spirit comes shining through.

And look what she brought for the kids of Project Warm Hearts.

Hats, throw blankets and matching gloves! How cute is that. I really like the one with the built in bill!

But she also thought of their minds and schooling too. Just for good measure, she threw in about a year's worth of pencils! And some scratch pad for doodling or making little notes.

I really like these Christmas pencils. They will be very fitting for the time of year we deliver them. I just had to capture on film the fact that they are glittered! Cool.

Thank you, Kim Wood. Your contributions are truly appreciated.


Steve Cotton said...

A reuly warming story. Have you figured out a way to get the gifts to Vera Cruz?

MD in Texas said...

Hey, I know Kim! We are Isla neighbors! Way to go Kim!!!

Calypso said...

Pencils are always welcome - especially those cool Christmas versions.

Steve - Veracruz (means the True Cross)is really one word here in the State of Veracruz, in Mexico. There are other cities in the world that split the VERA- Cruz, but not here FYI.

Come and check it out ;-)

Islagringo said...

Steve: by hook or by crook! Actually, we will have to rent a car or something and we will drive them there. That will be in November. Maybe you should listen to John's invitation??

MD: Lucky you! Maybe someday she will invite me to spend some time at that pool and I can get to know her better!

Calypso: Thanks for the name clarification. I thought Vera Cruz was a drag queen.

MD in Texas said...

She and I (along with husbands) will both be there late June. You will have to come for a swim...who knows, you might even get more donations! :-)

Islagringo said...

MD: just say when! You have my email.

Kim Wood 408 said...

Thank you for your kind words!! Please come join us at the pool in June -- MD is right, you'll probably receive some more contributions :)
I also want to thank you for writing the blog. It's great to keep in touch with Isla when back home.

Martinez Family said...

Oh my goodness. (new follower here!) I just met Kim two weeks ago in Isla staying in HER condo. Hi Kim, It's Shea, aka Chabela in Isla! Great blog IslaGringl, I am blogging my Isla Trip Report as we speak, on day 3 of 8. Keep up the good work!