Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Black And White Day

I really like my new Kodak camera. I don't like that it did not include the user's manual with it. I had to find it online and download it as a .pdf file and then print it out. So that means that I have to carry around a folder with 76 pages of material in order to use all the features. Pain in the butt and a big flaw on Kodak's part, if you ask me.

While in Michigan, I had a free day and decided to do some local exploring and just get away for a bit. I came across this little picnic area and decided to stop. I was intriqued by this branch of the White River running through it.

So I parked the car and headed to a picnic table with my Coke, bag of Fritos (without chili or lime!) and my folder of instructions. While listening to the water bubble over the rocks, the breeze rustling the leaves and the twitter of songbirds, I was able to go through the file.

One of the settings was for black and white. I am not generally fond of black and white photos, but I think these turned out fairly interesting. See if you agree.


lisa said...

Very nice! I do agree.

Debi in Merida said...

Yes, indeed Wayne, the photos are quite lovely. Good job!

Ann said...

Isn't that a pain when camera companies do that? Canon did that with the newest camera I bought--it's 114 pages! At B&H photo they sell a "cheat sheet"--it's all the essential info on the camera on a tri fold, laminated sheet--folds up to about 4x8--you should check & see if one is done for your camera

KfromMichigan said...

You always take great photos .. color or B&W ..

drgeo said...

Reminds me of the 1940's!