Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Checking Out The Bar

We recently hosted an Italian fella via the couchsurfing community. If you are not familiar with that organization, I will blog about it some other time.

Of course, being a newbie to the island, I had to take him on a guided tour. First stop, of course, was downtown to the beaches.

At North Beach, I was checking out the new swing bar.

I really do think it is a lovely (though a tad bit expensive) addition to the beach. After I took the above picture, I was looking at it and wondering what wonderful thing I should (or should not!) say about the girls on the swing, when something caught my eye. Something as out of place at a beach bar as a man in a business suit would be. Look at the picture a moment and see if you can spot it.

Did you see what I am talking about? If not, here's a closer look.

And finally, here is what caught my eye.

I do admit though, it made me laugh.


Babs said...

What fun - I want to go there. Such good taste, ha......Can't wait to see that beautiful water!

Andean said...

That's almost like Christmas lights left on in the summer months which always look odd to me.
Wonder if it worked, funny indeed.

Dan in NC said...

Ah well now Wayne, one may have a sandy floor, but it is still a " classy " place! Thanks for the smile,
Dan in NC

Anonymous said...

lol i started humming "one of these things is not like the other" cool bar even with the chandelier :) !! - trina in idaho

Ann said...

I took a photo of that last week! We watched them lower it & start to clean the crystals! I said the same thing to Alan!

KfromMichigan said...

They installed it as a "talk" piece! (to catch your attention) and it did!

Joan Gibson nee Booth said...

Brilliant!! It's like the one in my conservatory but the floor is different. Also the temperature is a tad different LOL. I love your blog. xx