Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Carnaval Week!

It's Carnaval time again in Latin America. Mardi Gras to those of you NOB. From the smallest towns to the largest cities, people are celebrating all over the country. Isla Mujeres is no different. The festivities end next Tuesday night, with the start of Lent on Wednesday. But until then.....let's party!

The theme this year for the island is Fantasy and Joy of the Caribbean.

And there has certainly been enough of that going on! Our main parade was last Saturday afternoon. I braved the crowds, the noise and the high winds to be able to deliver these pictures to you. Ok, I did enjoy myself a little bit!

The parade was led off by a group I really liked. They really didn't have a lot to do with Carnaval itself, but I loved their enthusiasm. They were led by this guy. You can see the energy he brought to the crowd.

The whole troupe posed for a picture. (and then asked for money!) They are a group of mostly street performers who were marching for the freedom to perform whereever and whenever they want. I assume without the necessity of having to get a permit.

Curiously absent from their ranks was Fireboy and his performing girlfriend. I know they are around. At any rate, they were certainly entertaining and fun to be around. And isn't that the whole idea?

What follows are candid shots of various members of the group. Or at least the ones that would stand still long enough for me to focus on them!

And we're off!

Tomorrow we'll start with the "real" participants of the parade. Starting with the horses!


Ann said...

Thanks for explaining about this group. It's what I thought after seeing photos of them on FB. Looking forward to more of your photos!

Brenda said...

OK the guy with the big belly and boobs in the 4 th picture is just gross lol.
Looks like fun. We are skipping Carnaval this year, think we are carnavaled out lol.
Instead we watched the parade live on our local TV channel lol. More comfortable and a better view.
Guess we are getting lazy.

Steve Cotton said...

So, where is Fireboy?