Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Coming Down! Or Not.

Some things are just sad. Like the demolition of the old la Perla hotel on the malecon. This used to be a bright jewel as you strolled the old malecon. The pool always looked refreshing.

For several years now, it has just been boarded up and rumors have flown about its' demolition and the subsequent use of this prime piece of real estate. But nothing ever happened.

Then, maybe a year ago, they brought in wrecker balls and bulldozers and started to rip it down. For a bit. Just as suddenly as they started, they stopped. Nobody seems to know why.

The rooms just stand empty and forlorn. And, as the local paper will point out with righteous indignation, it is a dangerous place to be around, it is a hazard to anybody walking by it, should it suddently decide to give up the ghost and fall. Plus it is a magnet for wildlife. Both the four legged and two legged kind.

See what they mean? There are no barriers between the malecon where people stroll and these piles of debris. I agree with the local paper. It is time to get this cleaned up and move on.

Here you can see its' proximity to the malecon and the ocean.

Since I was right there, I thought I would get a shot of the hurricane surge/wave barriers that are in place to protect the malecon. I'll let you know how that does or does not work out.


Steve Cotton said...

I suppose the barrier is better than nothing, but it looks as if a ferry wake could breach it.

Jackie said...

The Pearl Group has the mock up on their website and in their office of the condos that supposedly will be built. Last time I looked they were in pre-sale mode. Like anyone who knows anything about real estate in Mexico would fall for that.

Amy said...

We stayed at the Perla the first year we vacationed on Isla Mujeres in 1994. It was a cool hotel. Loved the pool and hanging out at their little bar.

Rod said...

Thanks for the article on this crumbling structure. I come only once a year to Isla but I often wonder what the history was on this building. Hope the future brings something better and I appreciate your concern.

Linda said...

You are right about it's about time La Perla (which it certainly is NOT anymore!) came down! On my first trip in Spring 2003, the place appeared abandoned and was ready for the wrecking ball!!!