Thursday, July 07, 2011

Staying On The Malecon

Walking south from the destruction of the Perla Hotel along the malecon, one comes upon some new artwork/murals painted on the walls. Again, no signatures, but I am assuming they were painted by school children. Or at least somebody without a lot of training.

To me, they have almost a Grandma Moses type quality to them. Primitive but interesting. And, if you ask me, they are drawn to scale!

No matter the quality, I still think it is great that some color and ingenuity has been added to the otherwise bleak walk along the malecon. Of course, one could always look to the left out to sea.

Just past the wall where the above picture was taken, the malecon gives you the choice to turn right and head over to the town square with its' fabulous hardly-ever-functioning fountain, or to the grocery store. Along the way, you will pass by another one of Isla's newer statues.

This one a salute to the ever burgeoning industry of whale shark watching and snorkeling.

A very good depiction of this fish. Of course, I have never seen one in the wild. Nor do I think I ever will. Unless I am hi-jacked and taken to sea by some depraved individual.

I have also been led to believe that this is not to scale. The statue is much smaller than the mammoths you will actually encounter out to sea. There are some very fine pictures and videos on the web of this activity.

Translated: Whale Shark. The largest fish that is known to exist on the planet today. Habitat in the warm oceans and seas, in the area of the tropics.

I guess that is about all you really need to know.


Ann said...

Was that whaleshark just put up? I don't remember seeing it when I was just there! Guess I wasn't very observant! I had taken photos of the new mural, too--will post later...did as a panoramic.

Steve Cotton said...

The murals look as if they came right out of your nightmares. But, when I return, I am depraved enough to get you out on the ocean to see the whale sharks -- or even to swim with them.

Plumrose Lane said...

I agree with you completely, I adore murals, despite the quality, it's the addition of color that adds so much, especially in an area where the blues of sky and sea meet.

Linda said...

I LOVE the many mural you see around Isla!!!