Monday, July 04, 2011

Playa Mexico

There's another (relatively) new place on Isla for you to go pass the time and relax with the water, sun, sand and maybe a cocktail or two!

Playa Mexico has now opened its' doors on the Sac Bajo road. The entrance is just past the old Cristal Mar Condos, so not very far past the turtle farm. In fact, it may be the old Playa Tiburon. Not really sure about that.

There is a small parking lot for your car, golf cart or motorscooter. After you leave the parking area, you are led down this garden path to the giant palapa.

And I do mean giant. This thing is huge.

Although not open when we there, the restaurant area looks like it would be a great place to dine.

Passing through the restaurant area, there are a few steps down to the actual beach. The main bar sits off to your right. If it is your first visit, your first drink is free!

There is a huge volleyball area, should you feel the need to work up a sweat.

Of course, the obligatory swing seats at a bar. Whoever thought up this idea should be shot. (IMHO) They are nothing but knee bangers and not comfortable at all.

The actual beach area lies between two docks. I'm sure these used to host tourist boats from Cancun. I doubt that they see much activity now days. A friend of mine says it is great to walk out to the end and jump off. I'll take his word for it.

Here's a better shot of the beach area. Like most of the beaches on the west side of the island, those facing Cancun, it is covered with seagrass. You can only go a little ways out before you encounter it. If it doesn't bother you to wade or swim with seagrass rubbing against you, go for it. Me, it gives me the creeps to even think about.

There is plenty of room though to put a lounge chair in the water. Another drink just a waiter away!

Kite sailing off a boat in the bay area.

Usually though, the most activity that you will see is the occassional fishing/tourist boat pull up to the dock next door.

The day we were there, there was a young Italian man with a couple of surfboards. He was sharing them with whoever wanted to go for a paddle on them. I'll leave you then with pictures of him getting his exercise while enjoying the sun and surf.

Looked like a lot of work to me!


KfromMichigan said...

The beach looks so inviting! Great pics!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks for this post! We didn't make it out there on our trip, but we should give it a try in November/December. We'll be staying within walking distance. I'm with you on the sea grass. In the late spring/early summer, I've always thought the chances of sea lice (I'm probably mistaken) are greater when you get into that gunk.

Real Club Cancun, Antonio GarcĂ­a said...

I totally agree with you, if what you are looking for is a place to relax, have a good time, enjoy a drink and come out of the daily routine, this is it.
I like that there is also a volleyball court on the beach, that way you can get some exercise & go for a dive later. I think I might just go there this weekend to clear my head and to get a fresh drink on the beach.

Jackie said...

I'm with you about the seagrass The one time I stayed in Puerto Morelos the beach in front of the hotel was gorgeous but about knee deep it the sand got squishy and the grass wS very thick. I couldn't spend much time in the water there.

Brenda said...

That is one huge palapa !!
Ew I cannot stand feeling creepy stuff on my legs and feet when in the water either, just gives me the heeby jeebies. I wouldn't be going in there to swim for sure.

Ann said...

I'm with everybody on the seagrass. We went by here on our quick golf cart day, but didn't stop in. Maybe in Jan!

Anonymous said...

Viva Italia!

Linda said...

Sea grass ranks right up there with gooey gunky sea/lake bottoms!!! BLECH!!!

Segways & Sideroads said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I actually found it quite by accident. My husband and I are coming to Isla Mujeres in August for our honeymoon. It's so great to have an insider's perspective of this island. This is our first trip down and we are very much looking forward to relaxing on Isla Mujeres. Thanks for the great blog!