Monday, May 24, 2010

In The News

Lots of interesting stuff going on around here lately. None of it seems to be good news though. Let's see if I can't get myself into some kind of trouble for merely repeating what has been in the paper lately.

Under the "There is no crime on Isla Mujeres" category, people are all abuzz about some recent news coming from the police department. Four police officers, in full uniform, were recently caught syphoning gas from residents' private trucks. They have since all been arrested and released. I have heard nothing of any charges pending against them or if they are even still on the force. Quickly following that, there is now an investigation of some other police officers who have been allegedly stealing outboard motors off boats. I don't think I would like to live on this island if there were really any crime going on. Like stealing copper pipes or something.

In Cancun, the 12 million dollar beach recovery effort (the second one!) continues to show how great this plan was. The first time it did not work but disrupted all kinds of fishing industry and changed local currents. Why did they think it would work a second time? Tourist officials in Cancun are blasting all the local papers for carrying pictures like this one:

They say it disturbs tourists to see these images. Imagine how much more disturbed they are to get to their expensive hotel and find a cliff instead of a beach. This picture also illustrated just how much sand was dredged from the ocean floor to fill in the beaches. I have been against this project from the start and continue to be disgusted by it.

Possibly related to the above, our own beaches on Isla are starting to show signs of erosion again. Thankfully for the tourists, not the beautiful beaches of North Beach. But rather the few sandy beaches that ring the island. What difference does it make since these are not primary swimming or tourist beaches? Well, let's ask the endangered turtles who annually lay their eggs on these beaches. And who seem to be not laying eggs in droves this year. But the season is still early.

Again, possibly related to all of that dredging and changing currents and lack of marine life from it, the whale shark viewing industry is looking sour this year. Normally by this time of year they can be sighted within 8 miles or so of the island. So far, one fisherman has reported seeing one whale shark. And that was over 40 miles away.

Here on the island, contruction on the new hospital has come to a halt. There is no more money to continue. Budget deficits. Perhaps there will be money to continue by September. Mostly, it seems, they are waiting until after the upcoming elections to see what happens.

We are also kind of without leadership here right now. Our recently elected Mayor has taken a leave of abscence from her duties in order to pursue running for the governor of the state of Quintano Roo. Our local paper is taking a lot of shots at that one. One big thing they are complaining about is the lack of city work being done by city employees. Most of them are involved somehow in furthering her campaign and working her political party instead of working for the city. Glad I don't need anything from City Hall at the moment.

Ok then, let's see if any of that gets a knock on my door!


Anonymous said...

Is that a Cancun beach photo...or the White Cliffs of Dover??

lisa said...

I don't think I would like to know that the people that are supposed to protect us are stealing from us.

Life's a Beach! said...

That sand cliff is what I'd call a bad shore break. : ) I saw the article about the lack of whalesharks. I'm hoping they finally arrive since I promised Craig a swim with the whalesharks on the trip in early July.

IslaZina said...

Her campaign signs are still up, but I believe Alicia Ricalde dropped out of the race to return to her term as president of the island. As for copper, my neighbors, owners of Brisas Grill, had the copper leading from two tinacos stolen! The only way to it is from the house where the thief of Jim Morgan's golf cart returned from jail to live off his father and stepmother. I'm just naming a usual suspect. Otherwise, except for the cops, there is no crime! Right?

Calypso said...

Uniformed police criminals - interesting!

KfromMichigan said...

It's to bad things don't remain the same!

Islagringo said...

anonymous: it is one of the milder pictures published about the beach erosion.

Lisa: better to know so they can be watched.

LAB: fingers crossed for that industry...and for the whale sharks themselves

Isla: she was thinking of dropping out because she thinks PAN has no chance of winning. The president of PAN was here last week and convinced her to stay in the race. I's keep a watch on the neigbor and your pipes.

Calypso: the general populace are not surprised by this news at all. It is just another validation to them of what they already think about the police here.

K: change is good. Too bad we can't ever have the good kind though.

D and B W said...

I so love to read your posts. I like the unedited version that you give and dare I say that I also like your dry(sometimes sarcastic:) sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

I've had your view on the beach erosion/restoration from the get-go. You cannot change Mother Nature!!!

Isla Chica