Friday, May 21, 2010

The Private Beach

I'm not much of a hammock person. With my back, I find them difficult to get in and out of and not at all comfortable to laze in. But I did have to check this one out! The cooling breezes coming in off the ocean, the sound of the surf, and too much partying the night before all combined to lull me into slumber land.

This is the view one has from that terrace. Look how close that beautiful white sand and turquoise blue water is! It was windy the days I visited so we also had some pretty interesting waves thrown into the mix. By the way, this picture is not zoomed. You actually are that close to the water.

From the side of the house, one walks down this gentle path to get to the sand.

A view back up to the house.

As soon as you reach the end of that path, look to the right. This is all you see. And, most likely, all you are going to see. There are no other houses in this direction for miles.

From the covered, sun shaded, palapa that is provided by the house, one can look back to the right and get a nice view of this shapely palm. Except for the beach paraphernalia, it looks like it could be off a beach on Survivor.

And to the left, it is just a bit more built up. But remember. This is Tulum. Never a Cancun or Playa del Carmen like atmosphere or beach anyway. The people that stay in Tulum are much more laid back and quiet.

It would seem that both sides of this beach are ringed and delineated by palm trees. They provide some nice natural shade and whispering sounds in the breezes.

I mentioned before that we had some wave action while I was there. But nothing to be afraid of. In fact, a few people were taking advantage of them for body surfing and boogie boarding. I was tempted. Just a little. They were great waves for playing in. And the beach is fairly safe here. If this same waves were on the Pacific, I would not step foot in them. But here? Have at it!

I think this next picture sums up my whole weekend spent with Heather and in the beautiful Casa de las Olas. Totally, totally relaxing. Can we all say "Ahhhhhhhhh!"


Jackie said...

What a fantastic view from and absolutely gorgeous house. Glad to hear you had a great weekend with Heather. Oh, the chef sounded good too.

Life's a Beach! said...

Definitely ahhhhhhhh! Beautiful!

KfromMichigan said...

You forgot to invite me! Sounds absolutely lovely.

IslaZina said...

Oh, I almost forgot that's the kind of serenity I moved that prompted me to move here. Talk about drifting from your goal!

lisa said...

Aaaaahhhh! Love the beach. The first time I saw the ocean up in Maine I just loved it, I even swam in 50 degree water to enjoy it for the very first time!