Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's A Reality!

I was very excited to get the following announcement in my email last week:

The Third Annual Latin American Bloggers’ Conference Cometh…

The Third Annual Latin American Bloggers’ Conference will be held in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico from Friday Nov. 12 – Sunday Nov. 14, 2010. The event is open to all Bloggers.

In order for us to get ready, it will be necessary for you to pre-register.

Stay tuned… in the next few weeks, we’ll create a form and post it.

This year our venue will be a downtown college campus (www.tttac.com) that comes with wireless Internet, garden space, and lecture hall.

The activities will start on Friday evening, November 12th with a Cocktail-Social to Meet & Greet your fellow Bloggers.

On Saturday, November 13th we will have a full day of conferences/talks/workshops… lunch, more topics, and more opportunities to eat. Some of the ideas we have are:

· Identifying and keeping your blog’s Focus

· Adding Photos – Uploading, effectiveness and continuity

· Using you Blog to market your product / service / whatever

· A Beginner’s blogging class

· Advanced HTML techniques

Do these topics interest you? Do you have other suggestions? Would you like to do a presentation for your fellow bloggers? Do let us know because we want this conference to be as good as it can be.

Saturday will also provide an evening opportunity to see some of Merida’s clubs and bistros… There are a number to choose from.

We'll say goodbye with a Sunday morning breakfast, unless you decide to stay and enjoy Merida for a few extra days.

Please email and let us know if you want to come and join us. Please invite other bloggers you know and by all means, post this information on your blog. We hope to have as many Latin American Bloggers attend the conference as possible. The more the merrier!

In a few weeks, we will be compiling a short list of hotels, restaurants and other places of interest located close to the conference site.

For further info contact… Theresa at: www.theresainmerida.blogspot.com

Joanna at: http://joannavandergrachtderosado.wordpress.com/

Debi at: www.debiinmerida.blogspot.com

Kudos to Theresa, Deb and Joanna for picking up the ball and running with it, but I, personally, would have liked to have seen another blogger take the initiative this year. Just for a change of scenery and also because some of the Central Mexico and Pacific Coast bloggers may have been more easily able to attend. But, like I said, I am overjoyed to see that this event will be held once again and has not died the death I thought.

So mark your calendars and let's have one of the biggest attendance records yet!


Jamqueen said...

That's great! Happy you got some good news for a change! it will be something fun to look forward to!

lisa said...

That should be fun! Unfortunately, not something that I can attend. Good luck and hope there is a huge turn out for you!

Sue said...

I'm glad this event is continuing. I won't be able to attend as my daughter's baby is due around then, but maybe next year!

Steve Cotton said...

This is one Pacific coast blogger who intends to attend.

Calypso said...

We are steeling ourselves up for a trip to EU - don't want to think about travel right now beyond that...however hope to be there. ;-)