Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carnaval - The Rides

What would Carnaval - or any festive occasion - be without the obligatory midway rides? For me, not much fun.

Although I did not partake of any of the rides this year, I enjoyed looking at and critiquing them anyway! Want to see what was on offer this year?

First off is the perennial favorite - the Tilt-O-Whirl. One of my favorite rides. I guess I just like to be dizzy with an excuse for it! Unfortunately, the sun was not shining the day I took these pictures so the brilliance of the paint job doesn't stand out very well. Of course, if I were to wait until the sun came out here again, this thing would probably be packed up and well on its' way to another city!

It was a very, very small midway this year. Only 5 different rides to choose from. Three kiddie rides and two "adult" ones. Here we have a version of the merry-go-round for tykes.

I did like that the rides were all set up on the malecon again. The ocean as a backdrop is just so, oh, I don't know, tropical?

Here we have the caterpillar disguised as a roller coaster for kiddies.

And what could be better than a helicopter ride on the malecon?

This thing did not look safe to me at all. The whole thing spins around while individual spokes, each containing four cars, spins separately. Way too much rust visible and way too many bolt holes with no bolts in them. Pass.

Perhaps even more fascinating than the rides themselves are the mobile house the Carnies live and travel in. Talk about bare bones. Except this one had satellite TV!

I loved this one. Complete with portable washing machine! And sun roof! Pure luxury.

So there you have it. Not much of a midway this year, but at least something.
Although now over, Carvaval continues here on the blog for the next few days with dancers, floats and a quiz! As my amigo John would say.....Stay Tuned!


Life's a Beach! said...

I love the photos of rides and trailers with the ocean as a backdrop! The colors really came out good! Glad you didn't do that Tilt a Whirl after eating deep fried weenies and fries! HA!

Calypso said...

Great photos as always - not sure which is not good for you more - carnival food or the rides hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

That last picture and your comments made me laugh, thanks for sharing! :)

KfromMichigan said...

With the ocean as a backdrop .... WOW! And I think the colors turned out great.

Anonymous said...

Love the luxury mobile homes! The satellite dish is a hoot! Got to have your priorities straight!

Glad you're back!
Aleta & Sandy in Alaska