Friday, February 19, 2010

Carnaval - Getting Ready

Sometimes the best part of any parade is the behind the scenes action. I love watching everybody trying to get organized and lined up. Most of the time it resembles more of a circus than a parade! So let's take a look.

I loved the driver of this truck! I could tell he had just been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear his wrestler's mask. And he wore it well. Scary.

Gotta make sure the butt crack is covered.

I bet she is Daddy's Little Princess.

A last minute cinch up. Those costumes have to be tight!

I loved this girl. Her "helpers" had just attached the headdress portion of her costume. Except they did it lopsided and she was having trouble keeping her balance on that precarious perch. Remember her. She will be around again later.

Dudes in waiting.

All most of these girls need do is see a camera and they immediately strike the pose.

Remember the theme this year was Birds of Paradise. She was the leader of her troupe who were all dressed like toucans. The headdress reminded me of one of the costumes in the final scene of "Priscilla. Queen of the Desert". Very clever though.

Pure pandemonium.

The obligatory last minute make-up check.

So now that we're all ready, let's start the parade. Tomorrow.


Jackie said...

I am loving these reports!

Calypso said...

I am assuming the carnival is over? Here in Puerto we had rain yesterday and overcast skies - the skies are the same this morning - you?

Jamqueen said...

The costumes this year are great! Thanks for sharing!

IslaZina said...

Thanks Wayne! I celebrated most of Carnaval here as the troupes came by ahd watching them buy bling a Federicos. It was nice you caught them prepping downtown!

lisa said...

Don't tell anyone but I love Ray Mysterio! Yes, I am a wrestling fan! I loved all the bright colors at the carnival.