Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carnaval - The Food

Before we hit the food stands, there a couple of other things I wanted to show you.

These posters are all over town. They advertise the Carnaval for this year. Evidently the City sold the rights to the highest bidders to sponsor them. Each one has the logo of a different business printed on them. Still, they are well designed.

I laughed hysterically at this. The area just to the side and sort of behind the stage is all roped off with Caution tape. Nice, except for one thing. The dancers and other performers have to traverse this area to get to the stage! It was hilarious watching the dancers in their fancy outfits and high headdresses trying to get through.

On to the food. Or some of it anyway.

As usual, the Mayor has not allowed food vendors to set up on the square. Or even close to it. All of the food vendors are half a block away, at the beginning of Hidalgo Avenue. It made for a tight squeeze trying to get by, or trying to buy something. Still, I somehow managed to stuff my face with several items!

Ok, keep your gagging to yourself, but I love these portable hot dog stand hot dogs. Especially the ones wrapped in bacon. Normally they are 15 pesos ($1.20) but this night he was charging a whopping 20 pesos each! Gauging because of Carnaval. Still, it was worth it. Although the choice of condiments is mind boggling, I only got catsup, mustard and jalapenos.

Of course, a taco or two, as well a few empanadas were in order too.

I don't really care for Marquesitas, but I laughed at this stand. Notice the portable TV set. He was so busy watching some program that he almost burned himself on his machine several times.

Totally NOT on my diet but irresistible anyway.....churros! The closest thing to an American style doughnut I have found around here.

Out on the malecon there were a few other vendors set up as well. All of them featuring fried food. French fries and the like. One was offering one of my favorite vendor snacks......salchipapas! Lovely little pieces of deep fried hot dogs served with french fries. I will leave you to guess if I bought an order or not!

And the final triumph.....porta potties! It is always a pain in the some piece of anatomy trying to find a bathroom during these festivities. This year that powers that be recognized that and had these installed. They have been placed all over the island in fact. Of course, there is always a catch to something good. They are charging 5 pesos per pee. Or whatever you have courage enough to do inside of them!


Sue said...

You made me hungry! I love the smell of those hot dogs but have never bought one for myself. Yet.

And great idea about the porta-potties, I hope they leave some around. If they would also put some benches out and around the colonias and along the wild beach, that would be great too.

KfromMichigan said...

How could you resist the salchipapas on the day before Lent? Hope paying 5 pesos keeps the potty clean!!

Life's a Beach! said...

I have to admit that the thought of a deep fried hot dog down there does make me gag. I've never tried a Bimbo dog, but those churros look wonderful!

The porta potties? Maybe it's a female thing, but I'd never enter one unless is was absolutely necessary. But I'm glad they have them available.

Nancy said...

Isla, Isla, Isla...

Hot dogs with bacon? sausages? French fries? Churros? Tacos?

It'll be hard not to remind you of this when your blood pressure goes through the roof again!

I love you, man, but sheesh!

Jane said...

Never eat hotdogs at home, but enjoy them late at night on Isla--where they're GRRRRREAT!

Prefer mine heaped with fried onions and a long squirt of catsup, but no mayonaisa, por favor.

Brenda said...

Wow that is lots for the hot dogs. Here our lady that we go to all the time charges 11 pesos for a bacon wrapped dog we always get them, con todos toppings. She also has fries and a dog and fries combo is 20 pesos.
She has the best dogs around.
The city here put out tons of porta potties this year too and they charged 5 pesos also. I had to use one and they give you the usual wad of paper and the one I used was clean and did not smell at all.

Sam and Bob said...

The street vendors are always the best. Many people shy away...not me. I always look for the vendor where all the locals go.

I hope you is too short not to enjoy.

Leslie Limon said...

Love all the food you mentioned, but what is a marquesita?

Glad you enjoyed the Carnaval. One of these days, I would love to attend a Carnaval.

Jackie said...

"Lovely little pieces of deep fried hot dogs served with french fries." Oh my!