Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turning The Corner?

It has been hot here since May. Hotter than normal. Fans running 24/7 and it still doesn't cool things off. Sleeping has, at times, been pure torture. But I think the tide may be turning and rainy season is on the way.

I awoke early this morning, like 5:30 AM, with a jolt. I wasn't sure at first what had awakened me. I only knew that it scared me and my heart was beating faster than those hippies downtown could ever beat a drum. I immediately heard again what had awakened me. Thunder.

Big thunder. The kind that makes you want to cover your ears. The kind that you can feel. Lights were on and B was already racing around trying to get windows shut before the rain could get in too badly. I threw back the covers and hurriedly joined him.

It rained solid for 25 minutes with no let up. The kind of rain one only sees in the tropics. The kind that will hurt you with the fierceness of its' falling. When I checked the radar, I saw why we were getting rained on.

As light slowly dawned, I could see that the river that forms when the water races down the street was already doing its' job. And well. The water has no place to go when it reaches the bottom of the hill except across the beach and into the ocean. On its' way, it churns out a passage about 3 feet deep across the beach. It's always amazing to me that water can be so destructive. Although I really shouldn't be surprised.

So the rain has stopped now. The sun is trying its' best to poke through the lingering cloud cover. I sure hope that the tide has turned and the hot weather of summer is now behind us.


Jamqueen said...

Here's hoping you've turned a corner & get some relief!

Sue said...

I hope the tide has turned too. I don't remember ever being so uncomfortably hot. Outside has been stifling hot, with sun and reflected heat. In July/Aug I broke down and used the a/c a few times - to the tune of 2500 pesos.

That was some thunder! It rattled the doors here. Glad it didn't last long and a miracle - we didn't lose power! Remember the days when the first heavy rain would knock out the power? We've progressed!

Life's a Beach! said...

I know the feeling! I'm hoping we soon turn the corner here in Arizona and the temps sink below 100 until next May! Glad you got some relief!

Calypso said...

Fall is starting to appear around here in the Xalapa area - we always have some rain ;-)

A cool guy (which you are) can stand some heat ;-)

IslaZina said...

It was awesome and Isla Gringo describes it here with great depth!

KfromMichigan said...

Rain .. Rain now B4 I arrive!

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Oh happy day! I remember it well.
Our rainy season, here in the highlands, is tapering off. Sadly. Was a bit of a dud this year too.

Leah Flinn said...

Rain has been here in Veracruz for a couple months, but hasn't cooled things off until recently. We've had some spectacular storms, winds picking up, it finally feels tolerable outside during the day. I hope it keeps cooling off, this summer was rough for me. I hope I can acclimate myself the longer I live here!

Steve said...

Try Jaltemba Bay, Nayarit. Start at Bucerias and go north. There's a lifetime of beaches all offering great options.