Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's Get Cooking!

I've noticed lately that there is a small trend amongst Bloggers to post recipes. Although I don't think I would read an exclusively food blog, I do like to see what people come up with once in awhile. My friend, Steve, posted one awhile back about Mango Soup. One of these days I swear I am going to try to make it. And even more recently, Billie, posted a ham bone soup recipe that I am definitely going to try. Just have to get space in the freezer for a ham bone!

So I thought I would share a delightful little quick and easy soup recipe with you. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures.



This recipe came to me from Mrs. Walter Savadime. She says it is a hit with her children as well as the neighbor kids who line up at her door for a bowlful also. She always throws a couple a extra weenies in the pot knowing that she will be making this the next day.


water (or stock or broth to you who prefer to call it something fancy) from last night's pot of weenies

2 weenies, chopped into dimes (if you prefer a fancier version with a French twist, and I don't mean the hairstyle Aunt Sharon wore in her coal black dyed hair, cut them on the diagonal instead of just straight down.

1 - 2 cans of Veg-All, depending upon how hearty you want it.

Putting It Together:

reheat the weenie water to just about boiling. That would be until you see those little bubbles gathering on the bottom of the pan.

add weenie dimes.

add Veg-All. Stir to mix it all up.

Bring to a boil and cook until weenies are done and kind of pop open like.

Serves 4-6.


Merida Mikey said...

Canned Veg-All and chopped weiners, cooked in last night's "weenie water"? I have to think about this one ......... just did - sounds like something I wouldn't even want to try! But hey, if the little darlings are lining up at someone's door for it, go for it!

Arizona Kelly said...

Weenie water? You mean you can boil those things?? Who knew? :)

Sue said...

Um - I think I'll pass if you extend an invitation to dinner. I never did like boiled weiners.

Tom and Debi said...

I'm with you Mikey; sounds kind of - - blekh!
But hey, that's what makes the world go round, all our differences....

Isla Deb said...

I'm guessing this will be on the cover of the next "Bon Appetit"? Haha! I think I'll have to pass on this one, Wayne.

Life's a Beach! said...

LOL! Mrs. Walter Savadime! But I have to admit, my stomach turned over before I got it.

Nancy said...

Very Funny, Isla Gringo!

Next will you share with us her recipe for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese? Or maybe Jello with Cool-Whip?

You're a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Wayne,..... you know the old adage about "politics and sausage".......

I'll pass on this one. (All due respect, but ka-ka comes to mind)

O Robert

IslaZina said...

Jaja. But it reminds me of salchicha salads, the staple of most fiestas. I never met a salchicha salad I liked until I was at a party in a Maya village. Canned carrots en escabeche, boiled potatoes, salchichas and Delonte catsup. Pour the Delmonte over it all while the potatoes are still hot. It is actually edible.

jennifer rose said...

That is one of the most disgusting recipes I've ever read.

What's next -- a recipe for the juice squeezed out of the Maxipad that reposes beneath a piece of meat?

Jonna said...

See? This is what happens to ex-pats when they go over to the dark side. You could get a job cooking for the deli section of the Mega. They are always looking for a good weenie chef. How are you with jello molds?

Jackie said...

Eeewwwhh! Makes me think about a conversation a couple of guys in our new office location had about the rusted out feet in the divider between the urinal and the toilet stall. Don’t want to think about wienie water!

1st Mate said...

Good grief! You could at least throw in a can of beans.