Monday, September 21, 2009

Time At The Beach

Since returning from Huatulco, we have been taking the same approach we used there for the beaches here. Moving around from one to the other. Rediscovering them, if you will. Yesterday was Sergio's Playa Sol's turn.

This is a beach that lies on the northwestern most corner of the island. It suffers greatly from changing currents and storms. One time you will go there and it has all been eroded. The next it will look like it did yesterday.

The beach is now incredibly huge. A vast stretch of white sand lapped gently by deliriously blue water.

I normally do not choose to go to this beach. For two reasons. First, it gets deep fast and there is a slight current that will pull at you as it rounds the corner of the island. Second, it is a tourist trap with all the chairs and umbrellas. Except, being the nice guy that Sergio is, he does not charge for the ones he long as you buy at least one beverage from him.

I saw yesterday that he has put up a new volleyball net. The last volleyball court is buried somewhere under all this sand.

He has a pier there also. Not many boats tie up to it but it is nice to walk out on and see the fishies. Some people even jump or dive from it! He has also opened his little swing bar on it. I wish I could have been in charge of the music blaring from it yesterday. First we had loud Reggaeton, then club music, then awful gangster rap stuff with the F word being shouted constantly from the speakers. When we left it was The Doors turn.

The view from my lounge chair.

I did spend quite a bit of time in the water. It was like being in a pool with a sandy bottom. So clear that you did not need a snorkel to see all the fish congregating around your feet, snatching at whatever little tidbits you stirred up in the sand.
Nevertheless, I did don my snorkel for a bit. I need to do that whenever I go in the water. Conditioning.

As you can see in the above picture, as well as this next one, clouds starting to roll in over Cancun. Which way would they travel?

I just had to take this picture, even though it is not the clearest I have ever taken. How many of you know that Isla has a logo? It is a seagull perched on a pole in the water. Here it is in real life.

Look how strangely the clouds blocked the sun. That line of demarcation is true. I did not retouch this photo (or any photo!) in any way.

Finally, the clouds proved to be too much for us and we decided to pack up and head out for other adventures. But not before Ashley and Luis took one more walk....and dive, off the pier!


Life's a Beach! said...

You can really tell it's SLOW. There were so many boats pulling up at that pier last time we were on Isla, we didn't go to Sergio's because of the crowds. Great photos!

Calypso said...

I like that giant margarita amigo - terrific shot - an interesting perspective ;-)


Billie said...

Wayne, you have some really good photos in this entry. I like 'em!

Islagringo said...

LAB: you're right. During high season this place is so popular that all of those chairs will be full!

Calypso: did you forget that I don't do tequilla? Those are giant limonadas. But thanks for the compliment on the shot!

Billie: oh my. Coming from you, quite the compliment!

Jamqueen said...

I was going to say a Limonada! That's my favorite---love it at Velasquez!

Anonymous said...

Always nice to see a huge beach at Sergio's ..... and even fewer day-trippers ....

Enjoy the peace while you cane. Meanwhile,


O Robert

KfromMichigan said...

Beautiful .. just beautiful .. I LOVE the beach! Thanks

Merida Mikey said...

Regarding ganster rap music . . . . I absolutely HATE that crap! And, I refuse to listen to it. I leave the establishment, but not before telling the owner or manager that I refuse to frequent any establishment that plays that offensive, horrible, senseless music. I'll spend my money elsewhere. I wish more folks would do/say the same.

AND - nice fotos!

Jackie said...

I have been known to bring copies of my favorite CDs for the bartender at Sergio's. Give me Mana over gangst'a any day. I you F’ng know what I mean. Sometimes though the day tripper bar next door plays that crap too.

I predict that you will find the beach across from the Posada to be a good fit for you. Since I screwed up my knee I have spent more time there. Also at Christmas time when it is real busy at Sergio’s I hang out at the Posada Beach. The water is really easy to access but does get deep enough to suit me. The problem I have is that they charge too much for the chairs and umbrellas. But I can cut back on other expenses by bringing a little cooler with my lunch and a few beers.

Anonymous said...

I hate to bring up a sad subject but have you heard anything more substantive about Renee's murder? Love your blog-it keeps me close to Isla and Mexico. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I keep looking for that hat when I'm there and never see it...

Michele in Playa said...

Beautiful pictures Wayne. I love how you caught that storm front rolling in. Cool!