Monday, February 16, 2009


Just some bits and pieces today that don't fit in anywhere else.

I was surprised on Saturday to walk by the establishment formally known as Miquel's Moonlight Madness. They were just hauling the last of the furnishings out and loading them onto a truck. Later when I passed by again, the place was totally deserted and abandoned. I later heard that they moved around the corner, next to the new restaurant, Asia Caribe. (and which I have heard nothing good about). I wish them well in their new location.

Friday night Seso, the owner of Seso Loco Restaurant, told me that he is definitely moving. Probably in about four months. He will be relocating in the colonias. Across the street from Bronco's Piano Bar and Marma Construction Materials. I wish him well in this location.

Hotel Las Palmas has finished putting together their website. You can now make reservations online directly with them. Go to

Last Tuesday was the grand opening of La Noruega. It is an upscale art gallery and is located on Avenue Benito Juarez, just before the elementary school. You can check them out in person or online at It is owned and run by Daniel and Merethe, a young couple from Norway and about the nicest people you could want to meet.

Saturday B and I went to lunch at Chicago Deli. I had this monstrosity of a pastrami and provolone cheese sandwich pictured below.

Just to be nice, he put ham on it too. Fixings are lettuce, tomato, red onion and cucumber. Don't worry. If you don't like cucumber, you can just pick it off like I did.

While waiting for our food, I watched this guy on the roof across the street. I think he was practicing for a future suicide or something. I truly had my camera sitting out, set on movie, so I could capture every second of his last moments of life.

Those are electric lines he is hitting with that stick. Every time he hit that connector thing, sparks would fly and it would hiss. He disconnected all three lines like this. When all were disconnected, he reached over with a metal hammer to draw the lines in where he could reach them. I am still amazed he wasn't electrocuted. Would have made a good movie.

I saw this wired to a stand selling necklaces and crap. I don't know about anybody else, but I found this thing spooky, to say the least. I bet the child who originally owned it is still having nightmares and the parents are still wondering why.

The island is a mess right now with road construction and redesign going on everywhere. The grand plan has been published (but where?) and there are stations set up all around the island for people to leave their opinion about the redesign. The craziest one is that they are turning the main road through the center of the island into a one way. Of course, nobody is obeying the one way arrows and signs and it is just a mess. One of the opinion stands was set up outside our "grocery" store on Saturday. I contemplating stopping but was not sure what I could or could not say as an expat. Can't interfere or have an opinion you know.

Last but not least, look what are local "grocery" store has starting to carry! I've been waiting five long years for this happen!


Jamqueen said...

Thanks for all the info--esp. about Seso Loco's. Nice to know where he will be & we wish him well--will look for him there next year!

Life's a Beach! said...

That baby doll (cupid?) is vile! And some home inspection jackass once pulled a similar stunt with our old fuse box in Kansas City to try and get some work from the deal. Too bad about Seso Loco. The rents on Hidalgo must be going up, or business was down. Wayne, how is this high season comparing to last year? I'd think there'd be some overflow effect from the tanked U.S. economy,but I haven't really seen any comments about it being slow on message boards.

(I'm glad you finally got peanut butter cups!)

Anonymous said...

REESE'S!!! *running to grocery store*

Brenda said...

Reeses peanut butter cups. I just love those things. I envy you, eat one for me OK.
I will be heading for Canada this July for my sons wedding and should start making a list of things I want to eat. Those would head the list.
The cupid doll is horrid.

Brenda said...

Just had a thought, maybe you better not eat those. They might be getting sent to Mexico because of the peanut butter paste scare in the USA. It includes all types of things like candy bars, cookies, etc.. Be careful, don't want you to get sick.

Islagringo said...

jamqueen: I'm a little worried about this location. He is going to have to lower back down to local pricing if he wants to survive. He is currently following the trend of jacking up all the prices on his menu while lowering the quality of his food.

LAB: "high season" finally seems to have kicked in. It was really crowded downtown Sat night. But that may just be because of Valentine's Day. The local paper says that the hotel occupancy is 78%. Our own little rental house is booked solid for March. And that just happened over the last few days! I think people are starting to travel more.

heather: LOL!

brenda: when I first moved here, CostCo carried them by the box, 24 packages to each. I was in heaven and thought I had it made. But, like all of CostCo's items, get it now because it may never appear again. So far, so good. No signs of salmonella but you made a very good point.

My Way said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE REESE'S. This is a big freakin thing! I know the pain of not having options...or comforts. Reese's definitely falls into both categories.

John said...

I'm finding ever more old favorite products in stores. Today we bought Jif extra crunchy peanut butter at our local Soriana. YAY!

Laurie said...

That is one scary baby. Isn't it fun to find favorite brands? I, too, found Jif this week in Tegu. Usually they only have off-brands.

Billie said...

Changes are happening fast on Isla. Glad you got your Reese's

Michele in Playa said...

That baby doll thing is positively morbid. Ewww.
Do you think some of the businesses are boing forced to relocate beacuase of increasing rents or decreasing revenue?

IslaLife said...

Thanks for writing about our opening! :)
The link to our gallery is
The link you put up is for the artist social network on Isla Mujeres..
Great photos!