Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Setting Up The Midway Rides

I love a midway. Good or bad. The lights, the sounds, the colors and, of course, the rides! There is hardly a ride invented that I won't go on. At least once anyway. I just love a cheap thrill I guess.

I was really pleased last week to see that there is going to be a midway in town in conjunction with the upcoming Karneval events. How about taking a walk around with me as they set it up?

First stop is an old midway standby - the Tilt-a-Whirl. I love this ride, but I have seen better examples of it. This particular one is evidently dedicated to Spiderman and a bunch of other super heroes.

Now here's something to think about should you be tempted to get on this ride. They evidently do not have enough working cars to complete the track. There is an empty space just like this one exactly opposite. To equal out the balance I would guess.

He was still packed in the truck when I spotted him, but this guy is destined to lead the kiddie train ride.

Lots of kiddie rides. This is the 4x4 special.

Another favorite amongst the teen set and those with strong necks. Bumper cars.

Ever wonder what they look like underneath?

Finally an adult type ride. I took a really close look at this thing and I seriously doubt that I will get on it. Maybe though.

The kiddie roller coaster is led by this festive guy.

I'm not quite sure what this is supposed to be. Looks like baby strollers for rent. Guess I'll find out when they put it together.

One of the best things about a midway, to me, is the art. It's in a class all by itself and I think very much unappreciated. As an art form, it's one of those things that is usually so bad that it is good. Take these examples for example:

This whole thing is set up on the north end of the downtown malecon. As I was leaving, I happened to look back and had to smile. A reminder that actual families run these things.


K.W. Michigan said...

I have a stupid question? How in the world do they manage to get all those rides to Isla? Rent the car ferry?

Life's a Beach! said...

Great photos Wayne! Love the clothesline!

Babs said...

FAbulous post - and I absolutely adore the last photo.......it looks like all those grafitti artists from Mexico City have jobs painting carnival rides!

Billie said...

I, too, love the fairs and midways but they leave a lot to be desired on the safety side here in Mexico.

Jackie said...

Looks like it will be fun! The art is interesting. I like the clothes line and your observation that it is families that run these things.

Brenda said...

We were just chuckling about the clotheslines full of laundry that were hanging by the rides here the other night. Could have been the same place. Chores need to be done whatever your line of work.

Steve Cotton said...

I have never met a ride I did not like. I guess that makes me a Carny Will Rogers.

Speaking of Carnies (and they hate that name up here), I notice, in your bumper car photographs, that all carnies seem to come from the same casting office -- except this guy forgot his mandatory tattoos. Maybe we are looking at the wrong angle.

Hit the rides, Fair Boy.

Michele in Playa said...

Oh wow! We had such a fun time the last time we happened upon the carnival on Isla. Might be time for a trip over. How long is it in town?

Islagringo said...

kw: I happened to be sitting at Vinales restaurant, having their wonderful chicken vinales, when they brought the rides to town. Huge flatbeds loaded with the rides and pulled by semi cabs. They would have no trouble fitting on the car ferry.

LAB: I got a laugh from it too. And a mini shock. I always assumed that it was only "carnies" that travelled with these things.

Babs: most grafitti artists are a little more talented!

billie: you are so right. That's why I will keep my fingers crossed if I do ride on one!

jackie: thanks. the art is interesting, even if rather childish.

brenda: true

steve: what do you call them then? Tattoos are becoming more common here. At least professionally done ones. They are very expensive and a sign of prestige. I took a good look at all the guys and did not see a single tattoo among them.

michelle: I really don't know. I assuming that they will be here through carneval. There are also all kinds of food vendors and "gift" booths set up too.

Isla Deb said...

I agree...carni artwork definitely has a category of its own. Great photos, Wayne. Reminds me of the county fairs here...and all across the country.

Anonymous said...

Which is your favorite ride?

Nancy said...

I just got back home today. I glanced at those rides while strolling by, but certainly not with your eye for the details. Absolutely beautiful colors in your photos.