Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The New Guthrie

One of the things high on our list to do while in Minneapolis was to visit the new Guthrie Theatre. It is now located next to the Mississippi River near to downtown. Having been to the worn down, ragged old theatre, I was amazed at this new one.

The theatre area itself was closed but we were able to tour the public areas of the building. We had to take one giant escalator to the top, which I think was five stories. It was rather dizzying.

The first thing you notice is all these blue tinted windows. We are looking up the ramp that leads to the viewing deck. Handicap accessibility is the word.

They have installed the strangest windows on this level. They are oblong and recessed. The edges of them are mirrors, so, depending upon where you are standing, you get this crazy hodge podge of a view.

Looking east, away from downtown and down river. I believe that the larger bridge we are looking at is the new bridge over 35W. Replacing that one that collapsed last year. (Minnesota readers: correct me if I'm wrong)

In the other direction, we see part of the locks and dam system. Many a boater has gotten trapped on the upper falls. The little white line above the wide white line, just under the bridge. I remember watching rescue boats having to get people out of their boats before they went over the big falls.

The Stone Arch Bridge. This used to be a railway bridge but has since been turned into a pedestrian bridge as part of the biking and walking trails in Minneapolis.

The Gold Medal Flour building. Minneapolis' history is one of flour. At its' most brilliant time, it could produce enough flour in one day to make 12 million loaves of bread.

Another one of these funky views from those weird windows.

Both the interior and exterior is decorated with scenes from plays. I don't now how they do this but it is impressive. Almost shadowy, other worldly. They aren't painted on but rather look like projections.

And the founder, Sir Tyrone Guthrie. (1900-1971)

All together a most interesting building. A "must see" if you ever visit Minneapolis.


Islaholic Trixie said...

Great photos!! I'm not sure if that is the 35 Bridge. Looks like cars are going across it and I don't think it was reopened when you were back here.

K.W. Michigan said...

Gold Medal flour .. didn't know it came from MN. Didn't like the shark pics, very scarey! LOVE the new blog pic.

Islagringo said...

Trixie: it is definately the 35W bridge. I enlarged the pic and you can see the work trucks parked all over it. And you are right, it was not opened yet.

kw: yup, GM is from Mn.

LarsMn said...

Some of us who live here like to call the new Guthrie, the "Minneapolis Ikea" :)

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong about this, but I recall hearing somewhere about a laser/photographic process that etches an image on just about anything ... including large stone surfaces...

Could be that's what's on the sides of Guthrie..


Isla Deb said...

Went to the Guthrie many times when I was at the U of M. "Love's Labour's Lost" and "Tartuffe" come to mind. And Minneapolis always reminds me of "Prairie Home Companion"...but that's another story.