Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where's The Fat Lady?

Immigration. What a pain it is that all of us expats have to suffer through each year. For us it means going over to Cancun. A lot.

We are switching our FM3's to FM2's this year. That requires applying for resident tourist status all over again. Not just simply renewing. We could have applied for a new FM3 which would have required the same process but we want to move up a level to FM2.

So what's the difference? For one thing, with an FM2, we are only allowed to be out of Mexico a total of 45 days a year. With an FM3 you can come and go as much as you like. We want to eventually apply for permanent residency so that we no longer have to deal with INM every year. To do that, you first have to have an FM3 for five years and then an FM2 for five years. There are some exceptions to these time frames but we are not eligible for them.

Our paperwork and applications were accepted and all in order. But not yet approved. We have been back over there twice now and they still have not been approved. Yesterday they told us to come back on Friday. It costs us $27 USD each every time we have to go over there. Pain in the neck. Plus the stress of not knowing if we have been approved or not.

So the fat lady? Well, they say it ain't over until the fat lady sings. So I'll be looking out for a fat lady this week. I will be teaching her a song and taking her with me! Can't hurt.


Billie said...

Where did you get the 45 day/year info?

Islagringo said...

billie: our lawyer told us that when we talked to him about changing to FM2.

Nancy said...

I wish you luck. Just remember to smile and not convey frustration!

And I have meant to tell you that I love the little re-vamp you gave the blog. Very nice!

Jamqueen said...

I'll be thinking good thoughts!

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- I agree with Nancy's observation about the blog re-make. Nice.

lisaloveloca said...

I hope one of these times, before the fat lady sings, we can take advantage of your hop across the ocean to have lunchies! Yay!

ArizonaKelly said...

I think I saw her yesterday. She was drinking beer with the barracho's next door to you!

Islagringo said...

nancy: I know what you mean. Frustration just gives them power and amusement. B likes to argue with them and I always have to kick him in the shins to get him to shut up! And thanks for the compliment about the blog.

jamqueen and steve: thanks!

lisa: everything is possible!

kelly: you are so funny! That was a golf cart, not a fat lady!

1st Mate said...

Dumb question from the Queen of Dumb Questions: do you have a Spanish-speaking friend, that lawyer for instance, who could call for you? My amigo Miguel called Guaymas for me and was able to find out when I could go get my papers. It's probably not a matter of whether you'll be approved, but who's on vacation, who's out sick, etc. because they often have only one person in the office who's entrusted with signing the papers. AT least it's that way in Guaymas.

John W said...

The 45 day thing is a pain. I travel out of the country more than that, yet I'd like to become a citizen. It means I'll have to drive up to Houston so my FM2 won't get stamped.

Doug (aka Doogan) said...

Gotta tell you Islagringo, your blogs are a excellent read.
Enjoying every one of your adventures. Keep them coming.