Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home On The Farm

I'm currently staying with friends just north of St Croix Falls, Wisconsin. I am just across the border from Minnesota near the St Croix River. GoogleEarth it if you care.

I am 8 miles out of town, which seems like a long ways to drive now. I guess I am used to living where driving 3 miles will put me in the ocean! Distances all seem so far here. To get to where I am, I have to turn off the main highway and go 2 miles on this road.

And the drive is well worth it. My friend has gobs of acres where she raises fiber animals and a few milking goats. There is always something interesting to look at here. Where I sit at my computer I can look out the window and see this view.

In case you don't believe me, this is definitely a working farm. Except they won't let me drive any of the equipment. Man, I would love to get on their zero turn radius lawn mower!

There is even a special pen for the boys. Llamas that is.

This picture is zoomed. I never get to near them. Especially the boys. They spit and it is gross, gross, gross.

There are llamas everywhere you look.

Alpacas, goats and sheep too.

And this handsome dairy goat buck.

I zoomed this picture too. He is, shall we say, slightly ripe in the smell department! Theresa, that is a Navajo ewe just behind him.

And why do we have all these animals here? Why for the fiber of course. Here are some balls of wool something or other blend just waiting for me to dip into them and start spinning. Can't wait to get my butt on a spinning wheel again! I think I'll be grabbing one of the pretty ones.

These next pictures are especially for Theresa and Nancy. Eat your heart out girls! (the rest of you can have a look too!)

These are what you saw in the basket above, all spun and skeined.

My friend is a pro at hand dyeing and dyes all of her stuff. Some pretty interesting combinations too. Here's a couple of pics of yarn drying.

And finally, all labeled and ready for market! Alas, I will not be bringing any back with me. Firstly, it is too hot in Mexico for this kind of fiber and secondly, who would wear anything I made out of it in Mexico? But if you want to see more and even maybe buy some, go here.

There you have it. Where I am and why I am having such a good time! I may even share a few pictures with you of me actually at the spinning wheel, but you have to ask nicely!


Jeanne said...

What a beautiful farm. Glad you are having such a good time!

Babs said...

Please, please more photos of YOU at the spinning wheel! How cool is that?
I LOVE Wisconsin - it's a beautiful state. The lakes, the trees - ah I remember it still from my childhood.

Nancy said...

Be still my heart! Those yarns look incredible...and I can't even imagine what they feel like. Check out the bamboo fibers while you are up there, you may see something that would work in our climate in Mexico.

I want a picture of you spinning, please?

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I am drooling over the yarns. Oh, so beautiful and the combination of colours. I don't know, I use a shawl pretty often here, especially at the movies.I know how to spin, but I don't do it well (and that's being kind), so I leave that sort of thing to the truly talanted.

islagringo said...

jeanne: yes, it is a beautiful, tranquil place here. I love it.

babs: I will definitely do a post about my spinning. Maybe even with a short video! I am right on the border of Mn/Wi, marked by the St Croix River. Beautiful country here. I will be posting about the beauty coming up soon!

nancy: LOL! I knew you would like the yarn pics! Bamboo fibers? Mmmmm. Gonna have to check into that.

theresa: spinning just takes practice and patience. My first attempts looked like squiggly novelty yarn! No greater feeling than making something out of yarn that you have created. Did you knit the shawl you wear??

CancunCanuck said...

Old McGringo had a farm, EIEIO, and on that farm he had a llama??

Lovely photos, but yes, pwetty pwease some pics of you spinning!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH that yarn is beautiful. I would have a field day crocheting forever. The farm looks like fun, but the llama and spit YUCK! Can't wait to see you spinning!
KW in Michigan

Steve Cotton said...

As for me, Wayne, I would be happy seeing you shear the llama. One of the big spitters, if you please.

lisaloveloca said...

*on hands and knees* Please photos of my interesting MN friend spinning, Pleeeeze!?

I loved looking at the pics on this blog, I have friends with llamas and alpacas too. I do love them, but yes to get spit on is more disgusting than I can accurately describe!!

I'm dying for your state fair pics too!! Yay!! Oh and I need you to detail every single thing you eat too!! hahaha! Last year I ate the deep fried oreos- not bad!

Psst- could you let me know where and when you're gonna be at the fair please... my Step-dad and my momma are dying to meet you!! Check out Bert the chicken on my blog contacts- he's crazy, but he's mine what can I say!!

It would be cool to have a photo of some of my favorite peeps all together in one of my favorite places!!

Islalover said...

I'm a knitter and am interested in the yarn. I clicked but the link won't come up. I would love to be able to look at the site. Also a pic of you spinning would be great!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Loving the pictures, but pretty please can we see a picture/video of Wayne the Wonderful Yarn Spinner?
Isn't being in the country refreshing!! It's so peaceful sometimes, that when you have to go back to the city and listen to all the noise, it's hard to get to sleep!!

Babs said...

Wayne - since you're near or in Minn. I wanted you to look at http://detourarttravels.blogspot.
com, just in case you get bored and want to see some "extremely interesting sites of outsider art! The latest entries are about Minn.!

Anonymous said...

Great colors in those yarns. They look so soft.
I have been to llama ranches and always stayed well out of spitting distance. There are quite a few mostly in central Oregon.
You spinning would be a great photo to post.

Brenda said...

Looks great, really lovely. Of course, we need to see pictures of you spinning.

Sandye in Kansas said...

Llamas and alpacas and sheep...Oh, my! What a beautiful and interesting farm. The yarn is beautiful, too, and it's so fascinating that she dyes and spins it herself. Man, when you go on vacation, you find some great places to go!