Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leaving Home

Starting with the day I purchased my flight ticket to visit NOB, I had been apprehensive about the flight. Everyday I would recall what Steve said once in his blog, "Flying is the pennance we pay for a nice vacation." And I believed it, what with all the security measures and stories I have heard of just downright mean checkpoint people.

So last Thursday I was prepared for a day from hell. But it never came! My biggest complaint would have to be that the cashier at the Ultramar ferry could not cash a 200 peso note at 6:30 AM. I resented giving up my smaller bills, but I needed that ticket if I was to get off the island and be on my way!

My taxi was waiting on the other side and I climbed in and we were off. He didn't even argue with me when I paid him the posted rate of 270 pesos! But then came another minor glinch. The Immigration office at Terminal 2 was closed. No inidication of when or if it were ever going to open again. Something I just don't understand is why, as a valid FM3 holder, I have to go to Immigration at the airport and obtain an exit visa? Why can't they just stamp my FM3 that I am leaving or something? So I hung around for awhile and then decided F it. I took the shuttle to Terminal 3 where my flight check-in was and got in line. I had no problem checking in but she wouldn't give me a boarding pass until I had the freaking exit visa. Voila! There is now an Immigration office in Terminal 3! And it was open! The guy manning the office couldn't have been nicer. Back to the front of the line, got my boarding pass and had 1.5 hours of smoking time before I had to get to my gate. Sweet!

My flight landed in Memphis where we had to exit the plane, go through Immigration, collect our luggage, recheck it and get back to our assigned gate. No problems! It all went so smoothly and the people were all so polite, I could hardly believe it! Back onto the plane and it what seemed like no time at all, we were descending into Minneapolis. I do have to say I was a bit disgusted in Memphis about one thing. I was dying for a Three Musketeer candy bar. But they wanted $4.40 USD for it! Hey, I'm not quite as stupid as I look so I left it there.

My ride was waiting at Baggage Claim as promised and off we went. Finally back in the land I know and love! If it just didn't get so damn cold here in the winter!

And hey, I did end up with a nice car to drive, even though I was promised an economy car. It remains to be seen what kind of gas mileage it gets. At $3.60 a gallon, I hope it is good!


Anonymous said...

My favourite car!!!

NinjaMom said...

Welcome back to MN!
I hope you have a great visit, and enjoy the state fair as much as I 'm hoping to.

Brenda said...

Glad things went smoothly for you. Hope you are having a great time.

Steve Cotton said...

Glad the trip went easier than feared. A good flight experience -- especially when forced to deal with two sets of immigration offices -- is always news. Be certain to bring back highlights from Machinery Hill.

Sandye in Kansas said...

WOO HOO..YOU'RE BACK! Yeah, I know you've been busy traveling, but I missed my daily "Wayne fix." I hope you enjoy your vacation NOB, and keep us updated whenever you can. :)
That's a cute little car, BTW. I hope it gets decent mileage for you.

Islaholic Trixie said...

We share a favorite candy bar!! Was it a king size for that price? I always pack snacks in my carry on, I refuse to pay for snacks on the plane or the prices in the airports!! Glad to hear you had a great travel day!! Enjoy your time back home.

islagringo said...

Julie: Dodge Calibur. Very comfortable but the vote is still out on gas mileage!

ninjamom: I'll be there this Saturday. Look for me! I will be one of thousands, can't miss me!

brenda: i am having a great time, thank you very much! I'll be doing a post with my NOB observations later.

steve: I couldn't have asked for a better travel day! And I have heard that Machinery Hill no longer exists. Replaced by Riding Lawn Mower Hill!

Sandye: it just freaks me out when people say they need or miss their "wayne fix". And yet it is nice to hear. A bit scary though because it makes me feel all responsible and like an adult. Hate feeling like an adult!

trixie: now you know what you can bring me next time! Honestly, even if that thing had been 6 feet long and came in a gold wrapper, I was not about to pay $4.40 for it!

islagringo said...

ninjamom: I keep forgetting to ask you. Are you in the water with a SHARK!!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I am so glad you are back. Sounds like a wonderful trip, I bet it just gets better. So where are the Butter Princesses?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you had such a rough travel day. Imagine being deprived of your favorite candy bar because some greedy bastard corporate concession/news stand at the airport knows there are enough silly people that will pay their asking price. Why do they charge that much? Because they can.
Looking forward to more reports.

Anonymous said...

So far so good.. no big problems at the airport and you didn't sit on the floor crying :) I miss reading your blog daily, but hey .. you are on vacation. Buy lots of 3 Musketeer's for the trip home. Enjoy and take lots of pictures. Cute car, but it doesn't look like a GM car!!
KW in Michigan

Anonymous said...

That's the car my husband and I are going to buy I think. I heard the gas mileage is not "too bad" for a big car like that. I really like it for the space, we need a lot as we always have trouble fitting what we buy inside our small Toyota Tercel! Also, very useful once we'll have a kid. I'd really appreciate if you can say a few comments about the gas mileage after your trip!

I also want to thank you for the nice stories you share on this blog and on Explore Mexico with Me. Even after my trip to Isla Mujeres in June, I keep reading you and even added your blogs to my Google Reader. Enjoy your trip to the US!

islagringo said...

theresa: the butter princesses are at the State Fair. That trip happens this Saturday.

jackie: you are so right. Bastards, all of them! I did take my own food on the plane. I was amazed at how many people passed up the $7 box of crackers and reached into their carry on for their own meal!

kw: no fears. I will be loaded down with snack goodies when I get onto the return flight!

julie: it's comments like yours that keep me going! I just filled up the tank last night (i waited for the warning light to come on.) It took $40 to fill at $3.57 a gallon. I am keeping track of the mileage and will mention it later.