Friday, August 22, 2008

County Parks

One of the best things about this area is the abundance of County Parks. They are usually well maintained and the site that they occupy has been chosen for the scenic beauty. They are often overlooked and little used.

I recently visited my two favorite parks near here. At one, I was the only person there. At the other there was a Mom and her two young girls. Pity really that they aren't used more. But I was certainly enjoying the beauty and the solitude when I visited. Both of the parks I visited are located on water.

The Wisconsin Parks Service just recently built this new staircase to allow access down an otherwise treacherous slope. Funny though. The staircase ends at a big rock you can stand on and that's it. Lot of money spent just to go stand on a rock and gaze into the water. On second thought, maybe not.

Here's the view downstream from that rock.

I love the little picnic areas that are scattered around in these parks. The tables are usually old and in bad need of repair.

Permanent grills are usually placed near to the picnic tables. No need to bring your own. But you do need to bring your own fuel.

Trashcans are everywhere and conveniently located. I never saw any trash just lying or blowing around. I couldn't help but compare this civic pride and lack of litter to what I probably would have seen in a similar place in Mexico.

Deadwood is common. This ancient Oak was finally beaten by a huge storm.

This Birch probably died of natural causes. Usually a bug infestation of some sort.

Safe, potable drinking water is usually available at these parks also. Sometimes you have to work for it though!

One of the parks has a dam holding back a small lake. The water rushes over this with tremendous force. It gives me the creeps to walk out onto that bridge. I'm sure it is quite safe but there is always that thing I have about water!

The Oaks are starting to put out their fall acorns.

I love the play of light and shadow in nature.

Wildflowers abound. Although I think they were helped along by human hands.

The Sumac is now putting out their velvety red heads. Another sure sign that Fall is on the way.

Another park, another river. Looking downstream from the road bridge.

Turn around and take a look upstream.

Although not deep, the river does run through here with some speed. Witness the "rapids" as it travels over some rocks.

Look closely. Some poor (or stupid!) fisher person has lost their bobber to the overhead bobber eater.

Where there is life, there is also death. Each rendering their own type of beauty to the landscape.

You can see the roadway bridge that passes over this river in the middle left. Pity that so many cars pass over this and never stop to enjoy the beauty of this little park.

Tour over. Time to close up and go home.


Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- Wherever you go, you seem to find tackle in the trees. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Very Beautiful .. but remember you are the tourist enjoying nature. When you live there, it's taken for granted Thanks for sharing.
KW from Michigan

Brenda said...

Very nice pictures. Hard to remember that fall is coming when it is still so hot here.

Anonymous said...

These County Parks are what I grew up in (rural Illinois) .... depending on the "county", lots of local governments took pride, or should have, in creating and promoting these escapes. In fact, I learned to ride a two-wheeler in one! Thanks for a Blast From The Past.


Anonymous said...

What a drastic change in scenery for you compared to Isla. Everything is so green and there is so much foliage. Nice photos of the area. Scenery looks a lot like I am used to seeing here in Oregon.
I am still waiting to see the Butter Princesses. When do you see them?

Mexico "Way" said...

Very very pretty Wayne. Are you enjoying yourself? Seems like it :)

Islaholic Trixie said...

What beautiful shots Wayne!! At least it was only a bobber in that tree and not a pair of underware!LOL
We do have so much beauty in our parks around this area. I know I am lucky enough to just look out my windows at home and see so much of it. Right now I am just listening to a soft breeze blowing my wind chimes on my patio. No garbage trucks, no traffic....just the soft noises of nature.

Babs said...

Thanks for my morning stroll through that beautiful park and to see the running brooks and rivers!