Monday, August 25, 2008

I Saw Dead Things!

We were in Rice Lake, Wisconsin last week to take care of some business. Well, B had to take care of some business and we went along. Near to the office B had to visit was this place called Bear Paw Outfitters. Since L wanted to look for a sleeping bag anyway, we decided to check out this store while we waited for B.

Imagine my surprise when we walked in and saw all of this!

Lions and tigers and bears.....without the lions.

Everywhere I looked there were dead animals. Hanging from the walls, on display stands and in little "nature" tableaus.

I've never seen a spotted deer.

But I have seen a moose.

The animals displayed were not limited to this area. They had examples of things you can kill from all over the world. Just in case you get bored with killing all the wildlife up here.

Coyotes are very common around here . We had them on our farm and their howls late at night are really creepy. They are really good at keeping the barn cat population under control though.

Not Smokey the Bear.

This tiger was huge. I wondered how they got these exotic species way up north. Is there a stuffed animal store that I don't know about?

Albino deer. Surprising that it lived as long as it did before somebody shot this unusual creature.

Moose and bison too.

Goat on a real imitation mountain.

I was elated when I found these. Somebody is going to be a very happy Minnesotan living in Cancun!


Brenda said...

Wow, quite the place. Personally I prefer hunting done with the camera.
I do like teriyaki jerky though.

1st Mate said...

Interesting coincidence that you posted on "stuffed animals" today. I was about to post one I saw in a western store in Oklahoma. Check it out.

The whole avid hunter thing leaves me cold. I hope at least the hunters ate what they shot.

Islaholic Trixie said...

When the coyotes howl around our house, our dog, Angel sits out in the driveway and howls back at them. They are creepy sounding, especially the crying pups!!

heatherinparadise said...

Hide that jerky deep in the luggage...they confiscated my Jack Link's Hot and Spicy. I think it was just because the customs dude wanted to eat it himself, damn him.

CancunCanuck said...

Ewwww, yuck! I can't imagine anyone taking pleasure in the killing of innocent creatures, nor choosing to display them that way! Poor babies. :(

I grew up in Canada (duh) which has its fair share of hunters, I guess it's part of the culture, but one that I just don't get. I feel sad when I have to kill a cockroach (well, slightly sad, mostly grossed out and slightly panicky).

JoAnne in CT said...

"They are really good at keeping the barn cat population under control though"

Aw, Wayne, why'd ya have to go and say that? Spaying and neutering is so much more humane!

When I was a kid we were awakened one summer night to the sound of a coyote slaughtering a bunny. To this day I can hear that sound in my head like it were yesterday. It was horrific. Thanks for sending me back into therapy LOL!

All those dead animals would have creeped me out! I would have been curious to look at the ones that I've never seen, but after awhile, yikes!

Glad you're enjoying your trip. Hope you get the green light coming home with that jerky!

Calypso said...

Sad to see all those beautiful animals end up stuffed in a outfitters shop - grrrrr.

Smokey Bear is safe with me lying about 300 yards from where I sit respectably buried.

Have some LIVE fun out there hombre!


lisaloveloca said...

Yay!! I'm jumping around doing the happy dance and drooling at the same time! YES- I look really stupid but I'm so happy I don't even care!!

I always forget how much taxidermy exits in the world until I go home... lol!

Steve Cotton said...

I suspect if you bought the brown bear and stuck it out in front of your house, your neighbor might think twice about crossing you. Of course, someone will paint the bear's private parts bright orange before the first night ends.

jamqueen said...

Looks like the displays they have at Cabelas. In the town I live in in CT we have a big game hunter who has been all over the world & has brought back all types of animal & had them done. Has a museum full of them--& lots of live animals, too

Anonymous said...

mi favorite es the tigre.
*Thomas merida,yuc