Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mexico Shots

At first glance, you are probably thinking that this is one boring picture. Well, I would agree with you. Until, that is, you realize what you are looking at.

After leaving Aqua Azul and Misol-Ha in the state of Chiapas, there is one, just one, opening in the lush vegetation that covers the hills there. Through this opening you can see the vast flatness that is the Yucatan Peninsula.

Go ahead, enlarge this and look at the gigantic amount of flatness where I live.


Kelly said...

I remember reading somewhere that Punta Sur is the highest point of the Yucatan Peninsula.

islagringo said...

kelly: I can't find any hard facts to dispute that. I know that Punta Sur is the highest point on Isla and that it is the most easterly point of Mexico. (remember the sign, Mexico ends here) I googled it but got nothing. I have travelled a lot around the Yucatan and there are some hills around Akil and Muna that are quite high. Interesting question though.