Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Taxi Fares

As of July 1, there are new taxi fare increases on La Isla. Here's the new rates:

Anywhere downtown to the colonias as far as Hacienda Mundaca =

Daytime rate

Residents = 11 pesos

Tourists = 21 pesos

Nightime rate after 10 PM

Residents = 15 pesos

Tourists = 25 pesos

If you are going to Garrafon Reef Park, South Point or anywhere on Sac Bajo, like Dolphin Discovery, expect to pay about 3 times that amount if you are a tourist.

Another shining example of fair and equal treatment to all.


Anonymous said...

Those fares will be from the Taxi sitio downtown. If you walk south of the sitio, share a cab with locals it will be 11 pesos. The fare is the same for a couple, pareja. I have always paid the local fare, sometimes with an argument.

el oso

islagringo said...

Tell that to the three taxi drivers I interviewed yesterday. And yes, I always pay the local fare too. I never argue though. I just say (in Spanish) I live here, I am a resident. Then I just get out.

CancunCanuck said...

Just out of curiousity, are these fares posted? Is it common, public knowledge that there are different fares? And how do they know who is who? If I say I live there, will they argue with me? Do Quintana Rooenses count at locals or just Isla Mujerians? Is Isla Mujerian a word? :)

islagringo said...

cc: the fares are supposed to be posted at the taxi stand. I have not checked that out. Probably won't either. I have never seen the fares posted in the cab like some do in Cancun. It is common knowledge around here when something like that changes. The locals all know it but I doubt if the tourist know...or even care.

Locals here are called Islenos, but technically the name only applies to those born here of parents born here. Just moving here does not qualify you for that label. There are all kinds of distinctions like that. For instance, Mexican people who visit here as tourists are called Nationals. And, of course, we all know that those form DF have a special name reserved for them!