Monday, June 23, 2008

Calming Our Nerves

After the harrowing effect on our nerves yesterday morning, we decided that after lunch we would go take a stroll along North Beach. We haven't done that in a while and, since I have been getting some requests for more beach pictures, off we went. During the hottest part of the day, I might add!

We started where we normally do. The side beach of NaBalam, across from the Avalon Reef Club. I noticed that somebody had built this little bas-relief face on the wall. At first I thought it was supposed to be a Mayan god, which are many and frequent around here. On second glance, I think it may be the self-portrait of one of the many Rasta musicians who grace the island.

NaBalam has this nice side deck area to some of the rooms. These are the lounge chairs.

There were a few swimmers out and about, not too many though. The water wasn't very clean but it was very warm. Much warmer than I think it should be this time of year. And we all know what hot waters spawn! (ok, if you don't know, it's hurricanes!)

Nobody was using the rental palapas for relief from the shade. Probably two factors at work here: low tourism and Sunday is Mexican family day. They don't waste their money on these.

The waterline was still full of Sargasso weed but the beaches had, for the most part, been cleaned of it. Yesterday's storm will wash up plenty more, I'm sure.

I'd rather see some seaweed in the water than this.

I really like the stick roof over the front dining area at the Zazil-Ha restaurant at NaBalam.

It makes some interesting shadows on the floor and sand.

Something new I noticed was that the NaBalam is now offering a shower for guests. Somebody just happened to accidentally jump into the picture just as I was getting a shot of the shower.

These fish have been around for years and years at NaBalam. They use them to show who has paid for their chairs, umbrella or one of those awful beds. I don't think the color has any meaning. You can get blue....

or red.

There were a few pleasure boats around. Most of them come over from Cancun for the day. They all seem to have large sound systems and compete with each other to play the loudest music. Not nice to be around. The varying sounds all drift into the beach.

Four of the trees that have survived the onslaught of erosion. I pictured these same trees several months back. They were actually in the water, surrounded by sandbags. So the beach appears to be returning in this area anyway.

Unused lounge chairs were stacked everywhere.

There were quite a few golf carts around.

Moving on further down the beach, we see the tourists all spread out under their rental shade.

Most of them come from here.

That's Casa Ixchel, the first of the many condos that have been or are being built right on top of North Beach. Biting my tongue and moving on....

There seemed to be no end to the people enjoying the free shade under the palms.

More boats, more erosion walls.

One of the victims of erosion. This one managed to remain standing though and now the beach has filled in around it again. Too bad it couldn't have held on a bit longer.

Remember this fish? He was in a post a few months back also. Looks like he has been fishing and caught himself a nice pair of underwear. What is it with draping underwear off stuff???

Finally, a 4 second video. This girl practiced and practiced her diving skill yesterday. Dive in, get out, run back out onto the bridge and do it all over. She was a hoot to watch. And she actually got better. If somebody would just tell her to keep those legs straight!

A final note. Even though I never intended it to be, this blog has turned into what is classified as "picture heavy". I don't see that changing anytime soon. I know most of you probably don't give a shit about what I have to say, but you do like the pictures! I know it can be a pain waiting for all the pictures to load. To help with that, I have limited the number of posts that show on page one to five. That should cut down on some of the loading time for you.

CORRECTIONS: A reader tells me that the fish do have a meaning. See Comments. Also, I think the correct name for those condos pictured is Condos Ixchel, or Ixchel Condos. Casa Ixchel is a totally different property on the island. It is a cute house out by the high school.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Playa Norte update. Isn’t a little shallow there were the girl was diving? Those poor palm trees are so sad looking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. And I do "give a shit" what you say. Keep writing and posting the playa pics.
KW from Michigan

Michele in Playa said...

I give a shit!! Like yours, my blogs are picture heavy as well. I think it works for the type of blogs you and I tend to do.

Islaholic Trixie said...

Thanks for the walk along the beach. I agree with reading what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Hombre –
Of course we care about what you write – too self-deprecating I think.

Juan Calypso

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I like both what you say and how you show it! Maybe you are a photo journalist type?

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- I always enjoy your commentary. I have learned a lot about Mexico from you. And I enjoy the photgraphs. Put me down as a lover of big posts.

jamqueen said...

I, too enjoy your photos and also your words. Nice to see some of Playa Norte coming back .

JoAnne in CT said...

Ditto from me too! When did they put that stick roof up at Zazil-Ha? Don't recall seeing it a month and a half ago... it does look nice!

wayne said...

Thanks to all of you who do give a shit! Appreciate that!

jackie: depends upon how fast the water has been going through there. It is probably about 6 ft deep right now.

theresa: how funny you should say that. As I was taking pics yesterday, L said "Who do you think you are? Some photo journalist or something!" I just said every pic adds to the story.

joanne: I think that stick roof is really new. I don't remember seeing it when I was down there just a couple of weeks ago. I like it though.

Anonymous said...


I love both of your blogs. I would like to know though, how long did you have to wait to get the shower and the shapely young lady? LOL


Anonymous said...

One more comment... I do give a shit about what you write. You have an excellent take on the Island’s news and are very witty to boot.

wayne said...

jackie: gee, I'm blushing now!

judy: ok, caught. I must admit, I never noticed the bleeping shower until she stepped under it! Could have been there for years for all I know!

ML said...

Love your blog and it is my first time posting after my friend, Jackie turned me onto your blog a few months ago. I enjoy your style of writing and your style of picture taking too. Regarding the fish color at Nabalam...the colors of the fish at Nabalam do have a meaning. One color means you are a guest at the hotel and the other color means you are a guest for the day. I think red means guest for the day although my memory is a little fuzzy since it has been some time since we have hung out at the beach all day at Nabalam. I think it helps the waiters remember who can just sign for their drinks and food versus who needs to pay up before they cruise down the beach.

Jonna said...

I like the combo of pics and words, course that's cuz I do it that way too.

I'm bummed that the horrible condo complex is called Casa Ixchel, that's what we named our house in Merida and we have a plaque on the door to prove it!! Well, you can't have rights to a goddesses name.

The beach is looking much better, the stuff they put up is either working or... Mom's changed her mind on where she wants her sand.

Did you hear that there is a bad red tide over in the Gulf between Rio Lagartos and Progreso? Dead fish litter the beaches and it extends a long ways out to sea. I hope it stays in the Gulf and away from the whale shark area too. So, don't buy any fish from Progreso now. I hear they are scooping up the dead and dying and taking them to market. TIM

John W said...

Someone should buy the shower girl a new swimsuit. She's outgrown the one she's wearing.