Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Hurricane

At least it sure feels, sounds and acts like a hurricane this morning. Look what came out of nowhere and it is sitting on top of us at this moment.

Scary stuff. I think we are in the eye right now. There is an eerie calm outside, not a hint of a breeze even. Ten minutes ago I thought the coconut trees out back were going to break in two.
I can hear distant thunder and when I look out to sea, I can see that more is coming.

We were jolted out of bed at 6:00 AM this morning by rain coming in the windows. Shortly thereafter the winds started. Our wooden slat windows are no defense against the kind of winds we got. It just blows the rain through every crack and crevice. There is water everywhere in the house. We have put down every towel we own and used some to tape over the windows. Doesn't help much though.

I've got some video out the back door that I hope to get up later. I'm going to hit publish now and update again later. This sure isn't a fun Sunday morning!

7:43 AM

Here's a picture I took about 5 minutes ago. Looks like some clearing is coming our way. Sure hope so. We've got most of the water cleaned up now. Our front window, facing the ocean, actually got blown out of its' casing and is leaning in. Not sure how we are going to fix that! I'm trying to get around here so I can drive around and see what damage there is. All I can see from the house is that our street light is broken loose from the pole and swinging in the wind. More later.

8:43 AM

Here's the video I shot out our back door. Off to downtown to survey for damage!

10:15 AM

All is calm, all is bright. Well, there is still a pretty strong wind blowing but it looks like the freak storm is over. Here's the satellite image from a couple of minutes ago.

When I go here and animate the image, it is amazing. This thing developed out of nowhere under Cuba, moved lightning fast over to us, hit the mainland and then it looks like it bounced off and went back to sea. Really, very strange.

CancunCanuck has left a comment that they got nothing on the mainland. Even freakier. I would have thought they would have gotten it too. The weather here is just so strange sometimes.

I took a ride downtown and around a bit. Nothing really picture worthy. Lots of garbage blown around, palm fronds laying in the road and yards, puddles of water, planters and plastic furniture blown around and downed cable TV cables. (and yet we are watching cable right now!) Amazing that there was not more damage and chaos, considering we had no warning at all.

The cabana had about an inch of water on the floor. The wind just blows the water in under the door, despite a doorsweep. The upstairs rooms in our house were soaked also. We've gotten it all swept and sqweeged out now and are letting them air out.

So I guess it's over for now. Hope it doesn't do a repeat. It was kind of a wake up call for the hurricane season though. It felt just like one and it was scary for about 45 minutes.

We now continue with our regular lazy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Hold tight hombre! Keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's amazing that that can be going on where you are and we have nothing...sunny day here. I'm glad you're ok!

Steve Cotton said...

You will be in my prayers this morning.

CancunCanuck said...

Seriously??? I thought you were joking, we've got nothing on the mainland!! How very strange the weather here can be. Hope all is well on the island!

wayne said...

john, heather, steve and cc: thanks for your thoughts, prayers and comments. CC, I find it so strange that you got nothing. Sure you didn't sleep through it? LOL!

Mexico "Way" said...

I think Canuck slept through it like I did but my roommate asked me first thing this morning if I had heard the wind storm and I told her no, but I did hear the stupid car alarm that got set off by the wind storm.

Another friend also mentioned that it was bad out where she lived and got woken up by it. She lives on La Luna which is certainly inland.

If you had your a/c on kel, it's possible you didn't hear it just like me!

Jonna said...

Glad you are OK! At first I thought you were kidding, it is so flat, calm and barely a breeze here. I could have slept through it though, of that you can be certain. I think if the world ended at 6am I'd miss it. Weather is freaky, when I looked at that sat picture I could see it missed us entirely. Don't you hate the way all the water just flows in under the doors? Our place too.