Friday, May 30, 2008

The Missing Videos

Finally. It took me a whole day to upload these videos but I finally got it done. Thanks to YouTube and no thanks to Blogger. Does anybody else have a problem with Blogger's video upload function? While I'm at it, what about all those extra spaces that appear between composing the draft and actually publishing? Ok, enough of that.

While visiting Ms. Superfantastichostess in Playa, she took me to the beach bar known as Bad Boys for our evening's entertainment. And entertained we were! The house band, Nasty Bastards, hold a sort of jam session on Saturday nights. Inviting people who have signed up to come on stage and join them. I concentrated on the singers.

First up is a guy from Minnesota no less! Complete with bleach blonde surfer boy hair. I was expecting Surfin' USA or some other Beach Boys song, but no. I think you will recognize the song. I dare you to not tap your foot!

Then a guy from who knows where singing who knows what. But he was good and never once looked at his cheat sheet for the words.

Finally, a local guy to Playa. Heather said he is somewhat of an institution. Or did she say he belonged in an instituition? You decide. This is supposed to be House of the Rising Sun.


JJ said...

I said the same thing to Mexico Way - I used to have problems all the time uploading pictures to Blogger - when I lived in Cancun. Since I am back in the US (for a couple of years), no problems. Small consolation.

Great vids, though, glad you were able to get them up!

JoAnne in CT said...

#2 is singing Road House Blues by the Doors. I do believe #3 does belong in an institution!!

Very entertaining!

heatherinparadise said...

Sharkey IS a Playa institution! And he puts the "cat" in "caterwaul." Ouch, my ears!