Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's Wet n Wild Alright!

I knew it was tempting fate to plan a trip to Cancun's water park, Wet 'n Wild for today. Last time we planned going there, we got hit with Hurricane Wilma! And now we are in the midst of TS Arthur. Our first named storm of the season. A bit early too. That is not a good sign!
Here's what the radar was showing us at 9 AM today.

Isla Mujeres is way at the top, covered in blue. That circle just south of us is Cozumel. Every blogger I know from around here is getting hit. With the exception of maybe Theresa in Merida. We needed the rain badly, but not like this! Even CNN did a piece about the weather in Cancun and mentioned Isla Mujeres. Told us to watch for major flooding. Nice.
It comes in waves, this storm does. (yikes, now I'm sounding like Yoda for some reason!) There was a bit of a respite about 15 minutes ago and I ran outside to get these shots. Notice that the military is still patroling. I wouldn't want to go way out there today to lay a wreath on the water.
It cleared off, or tried to clear off, a bit last night just as the sun was setting. It always makes for some beautiful skies when that happens. We even had a rainbow. So enjoy these pictures and be glad you are not here today.


CancunCanuck said...

Morning Wayne!
Don't you LOVE the skies around storm time? Stunning pics, hope you guys are on dry ground! Things are calm in Cancun, just a little rain, not much happening really.

Mimi said...

Wayne, sweetie, honey pie!
Um, could you not plan any more trips to the water park? PLEASE! Maybe if you do you could keep it a secret? Grinning like the cheshire cat :)
Hugs, Mimi

Anonymous said...

Great photos Wayne! Better get a hair net amigo ;-).

Here in New Mexico it is hot, dry and still...I bought a Mexican made plam hat replete with a leather chin strap - Broad brim for sun protection and strap to keep it in the wind - now all I need is a plane ticket to Isla of Mujeres hombre!

Juan Calypso

Debi said...


Who needs a Water Park when you've got Tropical Storms a brewing. Stay safe, stay dry, and keep taking those lovely pictures.

Gracias for all the updates where you are, we are getting a bit of rain, not too much, and I am really enjoying all these clouds!

Steve Cotton said...

Keep in touch. I want to be certain you ride this out.

heatherinparadise said...

Holy Hell, you posted on a Sunday!! Forget the tropical storm, that's the big news!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics. Stay safe and dry. And stay far from Wet & Wild. (at least til after hurricane season)
KW from Michigan

Brenda said...

Great pictures. Hope it has calmed down now. Stay dry.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what great photos of the stormy skies. So after all the fuss what did Calderon do yesterday in the bad weather?

1st Mate said...

It does seem a bit early for tropical storms. Officially storms can come anytime after June 1, but this one's more prompt than most. Your photos are so dramatic and beautiful, I can almost feel the wind.

wayne said...

canuck: we stayed plenty dry, nice and safe inside and just watched the storm go over us.

mimi: I sure that it was the planning of something fun that brought on another storm! No more water park plans for me.

juan: hair net? Have you seen pictures of me!

Deb: thanks for the compliments on the pictures. Even though the credit should go more to Mother Nature!

Steve: as you'll see on Tuesday, we are all just fine.

Heather: I said I would only post if I thought something was important enough. I think the storm fit the bill! (besides, I love those satellite images. They are so scary looking!)

kw and Brenda: it was actually kind of a fun storm to be in! Lots of rumblings and waves and water in the house!

jackie: yup, the show went on. Read about it on Tuesday.

1stmate: thank you for the compliment. I do appreciate it coming from you.