Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who Wants My Stuff?

Leaving the Blogger Blowout behind briefly, there were other things going on last weekend that I want to talk about now. Namely attempt #10 in 14 months to get into my house.

We got home Saturday night a little after 12:30 AM and found a pair of flip flops at the bottom of our entrance stairs to the house. We didn't think much of it and just left them there. We get drunks all the time, hanging around the house, sleeping next to my car in the safety of the carport or just passing by on their way to the local tienda to buy more beer. So off to bed we went.

When B and I got home from the Farewell Breakfast on Sunday, L showed us a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and a bunch of keyrings all hooked together with one key attached. He had found them upstairs, sitting on the plastic table that is on the balcony up there. We knew immediately that someone had been here again. And only 5 days since the last attempt where most of my screens were slashed.

Monday morning B and L took the stuff as evidence over to the police station to report yet another intrusion. They were offered shit and sympathy, neither one of any good to us. They were told to go to the Judicial Ministerio and report it. There was nothing, they said, that they could do. Typical, just typical for the police force on this island.

So off B and L trundled to the office to report the latest in the ongoing series. We have also documented every attempt starting February 15, 2007. They were told that they needed to speak to the director. Fine. Except he wasn't in his office. They had no idea when he would be returning. We'll call you when he gets in, they said. Didn't hold out much hope for that happening! But Lo and Behold, two hours later they called and asked us to come over and file a report!

They talked to the Director and were told to next take our documentation and evidence to Register of Public Security. Evidently the Director thinks we have enough evidence to force the police to actively and regularly patrol our house and neighborhood.

So we have all of our evidence and a history of the break-ins typed up and ready to present to Public Security. I really don't think it will do any good at all but we gotta try.

The lack of response by the police is overwhelmingly woeful. Is it going to take a murder or possibly a rape here like in San Miguel to get people concerned about what is going on? I wish that there was a more cohesive and organized gringo community here. There are a lot of us but we each have our own agenda it would appear. It is impossible to get people to join together and show a strength in numbers and protest or whatever it takes. Plus we are all afraid of retribution should we complain to loudly. Sad. Just sad.

Yesterday the workers finished turning my house into a prison. I hate it but I do feel more secure. I'll show you pictures of what a prison on Isla Mujeres looks like next week.


Billie said...

Wayne, Here in SMA, the Judicial police are the group that investigates crimes. The regular police do not even make a report to the Judicial police. Until you report a crime to the Judicial police nothing will happen.

Brenda said...

Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with intruders. That is crappy!