Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright!

The whole group met up again on Saturday night for Happy Hour price drinks at another new restaurant on Ruena Medina, aka Bay Street. The owner had graciously set up a line of tables for us right on the waterfront. Here's a shot before everybody started to arrive.

It was really cool to be right on the water, sitting in the sand like that. Except if you sat with your back to the water, there was a slight incline. You had to smash the front of your chair into the sand to make it level.

I wasted no time in ordering up a drink while waiting. Before each one of the events happened this weekend, I was a nervous wreck. I was so afraid something would go wrong. But nothing went wrong and people arrived and seemed to have a walloping good time.

Here's a shot from our tables looking at the bar and street out front.

The banter was light and easy over drinks. The only problem came when it was time to pay the bill. We had asked for separate bills. And we got separate bills. Except that I could not figure out what was going on with them to save my soul. Heather to the rescue! Evidently they understood separate bills to mean that everytime somebody ordered a drink, they would write it up on a separate tab. So if I ordered a round at the same time that Jonna, sitting on the other end of the table would, we would get our drinks put together on a separate bill. Thank you Heather for cleaning that mess up!

Next we walked the two blocks down the street to the Cuban restaurant, Vinales. After we arrived, another guest made a surprise appearance.

Yup, it's Flat Stanley brought all the way from Belize by Laurie and Paul. Here Rob is trying to get him drunk. Poor Flat Stanley had a sore neck so he retired early.

After delicious meals all around, Heather, the queen of party givers, announced that we were all going to play a game! I watched with fear and trepidation as she unloaded gift after gift onto the table. What was going on?

Laurie couldn't figure it out either but it certainly got her attention!

Here's Heather trying to explain the rules. See how raptly everybody is paying attention!

In a nutshell, we had to throw a pair of dice. If you rolled doubles, you got to choose one of the packages as your very own. Later, after all the packages had been claimed, the table had 15 minutes to roll the dice and try for doubles again. If you got doubles, you stole a prize from anybody else.

Since she was the first person to roll doubles and win a prize, the legend of LuckySusie was born!

Waiter!!! Fill 'er up!

Next up to win something was Mimi. I don't really think she needs a pirate sword. Her pirate look would scare anybody!

Next up was Laurie, aka Tacogirl from Belize. I was instantly jealous. I have been looking for one of this Loteria games like FOREVER!

Then Rob. But what is that he is holding? He claimed the package said stir sticks, just freeze and use. Everybody else at the table had a different idea for their main usage!

Packages all claimed, it was time to start stealing. Notice that in my stash is the Loteria game. I was happy beyond belief that I got to steal it from Laurie!

But I didn't own it for long!

It turned out to be one of two things that EVERYBODY wanted. Of course, LuckySusie got her hands on it!

But not for long!

Time was called just seconds after the last pair of doubles was thrown. Look who came out of the pack to raise to the lead and take away the prize so many of us wanted!

Yup, that's Theresa and Husband pictured above. You can't tell me that that is not a smile of glee. Turns out she was the best stealer of the evening!

But what became of the stir sticks? They were the second most heavily traded item. Well, she didn't get the name LuckySusie for nothing!

She was so sweet and innocent, I don't think she ever really understand the smut that everybody was attaching to these things. Maybe ChicagoTom will explain it to her later!

After dinner, again everybody that had to left, the rest followed me over to OM Bar for a nightcap. In her defense, I have to say that Kelly did not want to go as she was just a bit tired. She didn't stand a chance of going directly to her room though. Heather and I can be very persuasive! OM Bar is a small, two story hippy/backpacker type place. Totally different from where we were the night before. I wanted people to get a feel for the diversity that is Isla Mujeres.

Here's Heather supporting Kelly that she will be ok if she has just one more. I can only guess what Mimi must have been thinking!

You have to be somewhat sober and surefooted to make it to the open second floor of this bar.

We quickly found a corner to stake out as belonging to us, the Bloggers.

View of the bar taken from where we sitting in the picture above.

Looking across the open space where the staircase is. They show a surfing movie on the wall over there. They have concrete "beds" for people to lounge on to watch the movie or just sit and talk.

They even have live musical entertainment. I'm not quite sure how to explain the type of music that Jesus plays. Lots of percussion and keyboard.

The whole place is really funky with something interesting to see everywhere you look. Even the lights are funky, mostly made out of beads or guords.

Folks, don't even think of ever giving a party without inviting Jonna and Mimi. I tell you, they are a great couple and enliven everywhere they go. Jonna is always laughing, bringing everybody in to laugh with her. Mimi is just a goof. In the good way. You will always be guaranteed a good time and laugh until your sides hurt when they are around.

Michelle gave some guy my camera to take a group picture of us. Just as he was going to snap it, Jesus the singer/keyboardist, jumped into the picture. I think he knew the guy with my camera and thought he was the subject!

Here's what he was really going to take a picture of:

Notice the guy with the blue face? That's L. He refuses to let me post a picture of him on the blog. So I made him look like a blueberry out of spite!
Tomorrow I have another post I want to share and Friday our homework is due. I'll be summing up the blogger meeting on Saturday.


Mexico Way said...

Again....WHAT FUN!

Is the blueberry faced dude hot?

heatherinparadise said...

What a fun time, I'm really enjoying reliving it through your posts. PLUS that pic you took of Kelly and me in OM is the only decent photo of me that I've seen. Ah, vanity. Yay, you!

Todd said...

Hey cool, one of your blogger is part of the Blue Man Group!


CancunCanuck said...

Fun pics! I do love that shot with Heather and Mimi and I (though I don't remember you taking it, lol!)

Aww, party pooper L, he's such a hottie, he shouldn't hide that face!

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne --

What a great get-together! I am truly sorry I missed it. After this success, there has to be a sequel.