Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Fun Just Keeps on Coming!

I got a text from CancunCanuck (Kelly) early Saturday morning that she was on the ferry and would be arriving on the island in a few minutes. I hurriedly texted her back to wait and I would pick her up. I jumped on my scooter and raced for the dock, hoping to beat the ferry in. When I got there, no Kelly. I sat in front of the ferry dock for a minute or two, too stupid to realize that the boat was totally empty, which meant that I had missed her.

I zoomed over to the Hotel Carmelina on my Honda Beat and there she was, standing at the entrance, reading my text to wait! Oh well, we found each other. She agreed to check in and meet me at Aluxes Coffee Shop, which opens at 7 AM. But this is what I found when I got there at 9:10 AM.

Since he had been out partying with us the night before until 2 AM, he was understandably late in opening up. I just took a seat in my "office" and waited. By the time Kelly got there a few minutes later, he was open for business.

It took awhile to get everybody organized but, finally, about 10:30 AM we headed out for our golf cart tour of the island. I had told everybody beforehand that they were free to act like tourists, but the driver absolutely was not allowed to drink. They obeyed me to the letter. I don't think many of them were in any condition to drink again so early anyway!

The cart right behind me was loaded up with Rob, Michelle, Laurie and Paul. I got to sit in the lead cart, naturally, expertly driven by Mimi with only occasional comments by Jonna and me!

The last cart in our train of three carts was filled with the "Dude Magnets", Heather, Lisa, Liz and Kelly. Except Kelly is married so she was keeping her magnetism to a minimum!

I had plotting out our course in advance and had a fairly good idea of how long it was going to take us to complete it. (I am not anal retentive! I'm not!) We headed out the bay side of the island and turned onto Sac Bajo. After a quick stop to take pictures of the 2.5 million dollar house, we traveled on and I gave them a very special treat....not available to everyone. We stopped at my secret place where I go when I just need to get away from people and have some quiet time. I am not going to tell you where it is or how to get there. And I hope none of my fellow Bloggers tell you either! I got the impression that everyone enjoyed this little spot of paradise.

The group at work oohing and ahhing and doing, what else, taking pictures.

This is the view Mimi had of what was behind us. Had she cared to ever look! Just kidding. She did an excellent job of chauffeuring Jonna and my butts around!

Next stop was the Garrafon Overlook. It was a bright, hot day and the water was as beautiful as it ever gets. I was very, very thankful for the nice weather.

What is up with this thing I have for photographing people from the back? I didn't realize I do so much of it. This is Liz and Heather enjoying the breathtaking view at South Point.

At one point I looked over and saw this salesman handing Michelle a half peeled banana. Then he squatted down in front of her. Not knowing what was going to happen next, I zoomed in and waited. Whoopee. I got to see Michelle feeding an iguana. Then she bought a bowl from him. Seems that if the salesman gives you his banana, you have to buy something from him. At least that was Michelle's rule. Who knew?

We finished up our tour by zooming past the million dollar houses just south of me and a few pictures were taken of the shell house. Then we really zoomed on past my house with me failing to point it out. I think I succeeded in that. No way I wanted people to know EXACTLY where I live. What if they did not have a good time this weekend and were plotting revenge for my dragging them all the way to Isla? Nope, not gonna risk it!

We ended up at our lunch stop at the Fishermen's Co-op. We even got there 15 minutes early. At the other meal venues, I was not totally surprised that the meals came up about the same time. After all, they had had advance notice of what meals to prepare. The FC only knew that 13 people would be descending upon them, but not what we were going to order. I had decided to let people choose for themselves here.

The staff could not have been nicer. They had set up the tables where I had asked, right on the water and in full view of the floating boats anchored there. And just a little off to the side of where they dump and clean their catch of the day. I was really impressed with these guys. They took a myriad of orders and got them all out to us at the same time. Congrats to them!

Liz read the menu and then took some time to mull over what exactly she wanted for lunch. Paul has already decided and is heading for the chips and salsa!

Heather. What a gal. I would want her on my team anytime. She had brought along a book about blogging and gave us all homework. (ugh, homework!) Assignments are due this Friday so be sure to read all the blogs to see what this all about! ChicagoTom and LuckySusie are listening intently.

Well, at least Liz knew what she wanted to drink right away. I think it was just plain juice. If you ask her, she might tell you. Notice that star on her head? Ain't it purty? It's actually the frame of her sunglasses. Sorry Liz, but I just have to say, this girl is so pretty I could hardly take my eyes off her all weekend. Liz, you need to call Sports Illustrated!

Chowing down.

I thought I would end on this appropriate note. The book Heather had brought along about blogging was titled Nobody Cares What You Had For Lunch! So here's a picture of my half eaten shrimp ceviche.


Mexico Way said...

Oh wow Wayne you are too too kind. Although people might think I'm prettier if you didn't post that horrible pic of me looking all pissed off at my menu! lol.

What a great day that was had by all and thank you so much for organizing it all! Everyone was just so cool and friendly!

PS Check your email later....I'm sending you the Sports Illustrated photos I have on file.

Todd said...

Sorry, forgot to leave my website.

Here it is:

Glad I was able to help.

All the best,


Jeanne said...

Look you all had a really good time. Great photos!

Maybe "Nobody Cares What You Had For Lunch!" but that shrimp ceviche looks fabulous!

Hollito said...

Sorry Liz, but I just have to say, this girl is so pretty I could hardly take my eyes off her all weekend.

Uhhhmm - this is exactly what I think. :-)
But don´t tell my wife! ;-)

CancunCanuck said...

Great stuff Wayne, I'm so happy reading everyone's take on our "fun-ness".