Friday, March 28, 2008

Mexico Shots

While in Oaxaca last summer, we took a guided tour of the area which included the ruins of Mitla. These Zapotec ruins are totally unlike any I have ever seen before. The bas relief decorations on these buildings were intricate and very geometric. As beautiful as they were, you can tell I was not pleased to pose for this picture. Or any picture for that matter!

We saw this sweet little Vespa parked on a street in Oaxaca. If the key had been left in it, I would be driving it around Isla right now!

Sunset over Taxco.

I really liked that at every turn in Oaxaca thought had been given to filling spaces. And artfully so.

Oh my. We visited what we thought was a museum in Morelia. Turned out to be a giant indoor market. Featuring such incredible items as this hand-carved, gaudily painted giant table with matching chairs. Wasn't even tempted and only sat at it for this picture. I distinctly remember it making the hair on my neck stand up, just to look at it. Look how dazed I look in this picture.


Steve Cotton said...

How would you ever find a plate of food on that table? I guess the answer is: food does not come in primary colors.

Of course, I will now probably buy something similar when I get down your way.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that Vespa is PRIMO - I want one - even before I saw that photo - but now...


Hollito said...

The Vespa is a PX200 - years ago I had the chance to drive on, and - for a scooter - that thing runs like a greased lightning. :-)
There are also nice tuning sets for it, have a look at .