Thursday, March 27, 2008


After reading Brenda and Roy from Guaymas' blog yesterday, it shamed me into getting off my literal butt and updating my blogroll links. So if you look over to your left, you will see a lot of names added. Sorry to my fellow bloggers for procrastinating on this one! It's not like I have nothing else to do right now or anything!

Last night two of our best friends from our former NOB lives arrived for a weeks' visit. Knowing these two, can you say PARTY!!! (well, knowing me, can you say PARTY!)

Monday night was the seventh anniversary of our watering hole, Atelita's Tequilla House. We got an official printed invitation to attend. Drinks on the house all night for invited guests! And they meant it. If you had only 2 or more swallows left in your drink, another one magically appeared and was placed in front of you. Thanks to Adrian, Carlos and Miguel for making sure we all got good and drunk! Here are the only pics I dare share from that night!

Me with owner, Paty. Looking good in her glowing green dress that hugged her bosom tighter than a scared monkey!

Speaking of scared monkeys, me with Paty's sisiter, Elizabeth. She's a friendly kind of girl!

Ok, for my female readers, and a few others, this is Carlos with his swarthy, drowsy good looks. Girls, he's available!


Anonymous said...

Wayne you crack me up! I now have a new favorite photo on your Blog - that of you and Big Liz - wow what a great shot and you didn't even take it amigo.


Jonna said...

I'm laughing too. Wayne, I know you are afraid of the water but you don't have to hold onto the water wings that tight when you are on shore!!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Carlos. While no matter where he has worked he has remembered my name. It is me who has to be reminded of his name. Carlos even remembers from restaurant or bar to bar what my drink preference is. Ya got to love that!
WOW! Photo # 2 is a bit scary!

CancunCanuck said...

Love those pics Wayne, good giggles! And oh man, Carlos looks like a brooding bad boy! ;-)