Wednesday, March 05, 2008

An Evening Out Continues

Finished with the band, we moved on down to Adelita's where Adrian had our regular table waiting. We had let him know we would be returning after dinner so he had put the "Reservado" sign on it. Drinks delivered, we settled in to shout at each other over the band that plays next door at Fayne's. And, of course, to see what foolishness the tourists were getting up too. But we got fooled.

During a lull in the conversation at our table, in walks these drunk locals. Actually, I should say in staggered because they were certainly having trouble walking. I figured that there was going to be trouble because the woman in red was giving a severe tongue lashing to the guy on the left. She actually slapped him! I tried to get a picture but all I got was the upswing.

Before things could really get heated up, in comes the reinforcements. I think this might have been Mama, very drunk herself. I think she was telling Daughter what a bad girl she was because shortly after this little talk, they all ordered another beer and made up. However, Daughter never got to drink hers. She was too busy puking dinner all over the floor in front of the bar. Ewwwww. I guess you should be glad that I had put my camera back in the case. Otherwise you just know I would have gotten it on film!

We were teasing Adrian that he was going to have fun cleaning it up and I thought he was going to toss his cookies just thinking about it. By the time this little group left though, there was not much left. Most of it had been obsorbed by their shoes as they stumbled around in it.

I don't know why, but everybody was in a strange Let's Party! mood Sunday night. Maybe because this cold weather and freezing wind that we have been having has broken and it was a cool, pleasant evening. I guess this waiter from a neighboring restaurant was feeling overworked and hot. He continually felt the need to wipe the sweat off his brow. Watch and see why.

At one point I took the camera with me to the bathroom. (scared ya for a second, didn't I!) I wanted to stop at the other side of the dance floor to see if I could get some good dancer video. I think I succeeded. I wasn't even aware that my new friends were sitting right there until they tapped me on the shoulder. But the main focus of this film is the girl in the black top and blue jeans. As Rose would say, "She's doin her thang!" I love it when she stumbles and almost falls into the band. By the way, the guy singing is not part of the normal band. He's here staying on his boat and joins the band most nights. He fancies himself the next gift to the musical world.

Ok, I'm not done with the night yet. We'll wrap it up tomorrow.


CancunCanuck said...

Loving the "Eye on Isla Nightlife" series, too fun! Can't wait to see the next installment. More drama? More dancing? More....vomit? :)

Anonymous said...

Some day on Isla I will have to tell you a really gross story about what happened a couple of years ago at Fayne’s to a person I know having to with bodily fluids.
You know I did meet you in December one night at Adelita’s. It was 12/29 to be exact and I know that because the next day was the day I had my emergency flight booked back to Portland because my daughter was in cardiac ICU. I was with my friends at a table below where you were sitting when it started to rain really hard. So I came up to the table where you were sitting at with Elana and Scott. I said that you looked familiar and your response was that you lived on Isla. I describe myself as a “big girl usually with a good tan”.
I have no time yet to watch your videos of this night out but will try to tomorrow.

wayne said...

Jackie: I know exactly who you are now that you mention that. You have very short hair and are usually with a couple of other ladies. I do remember the incident you talked about. Love your avatar by the way!

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's me. Funny what a small world it is when we talk about Isla.

Hollito said...

"She was too busy (...)"
OMFG! It´s always a pleasure to read your blog, Wayne. :-) :-) :-)