Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Worst Band Ever

Wow. What a party good time we had last Sunday night. B and I had arranged with our friend, Rose, to hook up and go for drinks, dinner, drinks.

Our first stop was Don Chepos for 2 x 1's. Two beers or two "national" drinks for the price of one. A "national" drink is anything made from rum or tequilla. Two of our friends from Minnesota, Rosita and Kinky*, are still here and they stopped by on their nightly round of the local hang outs. For some reason, the talk turned to breasts and the best way to display them. Man, there was lots of cleavage pushing going on at that table I'll tell you. I'm never sure whether I am flattered or not when girls so candidly reveal their secrets in front of me.

The original three of us headed out for a bite to eat. We decided we weren't all that hungry and opted for tacos at BJ's. The tacos there are plain but tasty. We think better than the higher priced ones directly across the street at Tacos Medina. Except they have this new waiter who is, shall we say, order challenged. Meaning that he couldn't deliver the right order to the right table if his life depended on it.

As we sat there, this band that I have never seen or heard started up in the new seafood restaurant across the street. This is the former location of an island standard, KokoNuts, which has closed its' doors for good.

I couldn't help but notice that there was only one customer in the place. When you hear the band, you will understand why. These guys are here visiting from San Diego. I chatted with them a bit while I was filming the band.

To say this band is/was horrible is to put it mildly. The lead singer did not know all the words to the Beatle classics he seemed to specialize in. And I seriously doubt that he could carry a tune if you wrapped it up in a bag and sealed it shut. Probably one of the worst ideas he has ever had in his life was to say, "Hey! Let's form a band!". This guy has to be related to the owner somehow. But don't take my word for it, give a listen:

The three of us were laughing so hard I could hardly hold the camera still. And to top it off, the lead singer actually thought we were enjoying his caterwalling. When he finished this number, he gave us all the thumbs up sign. We, being the polite people we are, gave it back to him. Except it was not the finger he deserved to get.

Because it was so much fun, I am going to subject you to it again. This time, give a listen to what my new found friends had to say.

Just after this, the band took a break and it was time to move on. I joined B and Rose out in the street where they were patiently waiting. They have gotten used to me stopped to get a picture of this, a movie of that. They are infinitly patient but have developed this weird tick of rolling their eyes at me all the time. What's that all about?!?!

* not their real names!

Tomorrow: Our evening out continues!

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