Thursday, March 06, 2008

Our Rowdy Night Out Finally Ends

My friend Adrian has some of the most interesting T-shirts I have ever seen. Most of them he gets in San Antonio from a guy who makes them using a silk screening technique. At one point I made him slow down for a second so I could get a shot of this one.

We continued to sit at Adelita's, drinking and visiting with various friends who would see us and come over to talk for a bit. I do enjoy visiting with people while I am out and about but I wish the band there would turn down their volumn just a bit. I get tired of leaning forward into a conversation all the time. Even then, we have to shout to be heard. My throat gets so dry from all that shouting that I just have to order another beer!

We closed down Adelita's (actually we were asked to leave so that they could close!), arranged to meet Adrian at Bamboo Too (formerly La Pena, just off the town square) which is a large disco. They play mostly electronica music there and it attracts a mostly young crowd, backpackers and spring breakers. I'm sure we are always the oldest people in there.
There was this young guy standing in the doorway, actually a bartender that we know from another bar. He had on the funniest T-shirt. He was happy to let me take a picture of it. I don't think he had a good grasp of what was going on though, as witnessed by the shirt!

There is a long hallway that you have to traverse to get to the back bar and dance floor area. When I turned around I noticed this bright yellow delivery truck parked there. It was so cool, framed in the doorway. I asked the above pictured T-shirt to strike a pose in the doorway and this is the result.

It was purely accidental that he stood so that it looks like his hair is flying away. I think it's cool and I will probably print it out and give it to him. Maybe I'll wait until he has that shirt on again so that I am sure he will appreciate it!

As we were standing on the edge of the dancefloor, talking to Rose, Adrian and various other party-goers, I noticed a light of a different sort coming from the crowded dance floor. I couldn't believe it. There in the middle of the floor was Angel, the newest fire boy, doing his thing! I don't usually pay much attention to the street performers. Most of them are so bad that I just want to throw a beer bottle at them and tell them to get a real life. Not so with him. I think he must practice for hours to perfect his skill. It shows that he takes it seriously. Take a look.

Totally exhausted and more than a little tipsy, we said our good nights and headed for home and a very welcoming bed. Although I had more fun than you can shake a stick at, I don't think I want to go out like this again soon. It was 4:30 AM by the time we dragged our tired butts home. It just takes to long to recover from a night out like that these days!
Finally, I would like to thank my sponsor, without whose support this blog post would never have been possible!


Steve Cotton said...

I continue to be amazed at how well the fire guy performs. Is that his sole income? (I suppose the same question applies to street performers everywhere. I don't know how they can make ends meet.)

Hollito said...

The photo with the truck is just great! But the video is no longer available?

"It just takes too long to recover from a night out like that these days!"
Oh, come on, aspirin is sooo dirt cheap in MX. ;-)))))

wayne said...

H: I just played the video with no problem. Try again. Let me know if you still can't see it. Otherwise you can go to YouTube and search on fire dance or fireboy and watch it there.

Hollito said...

Yep, now it works again. Maybe a bandwith problem or so...
BTW: There is an option in blogger which shows the date of the comments, too. I think this would be useful?