Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Revisited

We met The Boys downtown for breakfast yesterday morning. I am not going to say where due to the nature of the comments I am about to make!

Breakfast at this establishment is ok. Nothing fantastic but ok. Forget the dinner menu though. While everybody else got eggs, bacon, sausage, the typical big breakfast items, I opted for pancakes. They tasted fine but I could have used more syrup than one of those little peel back the top things. What really amazed me was the plate my meal was served on. Take a close look.

I'm not talking about the irregular shape. I find that estectically pleasing. What I am talking about is all of those chips on the edge! Honestly, am I the only one who thinks this plate should have been tossed into the garbage long ago? It certainly should never have found its' way to a customer.

When the bill was delivered, we also received this little plate of treats. Oh yes! It was Valentine's Day yesterday!

Although it was a wonderful gesture and I did appreciate it, I am still laughing about it just looking at this picture. Would any of you serve these cracked and slightly old cookies to your guests? I sure wouldn't. Still, the thought was nice. And yes, we did gobble all four of them down, despite the appearance!

After breakfast we took a quick run by our other friends room. They are also visiting from Minnesota and we call them The Girls. So as not to confuse them with The Boys. These girls are a hoot. Wild and crazy and always, always laughing. They always redecorate their room and patio when they get here. They have been coming to this same hotel and same room for more years than you can shake a stick at.

This year they did something really clever. They brought down an extension rod and are using it to make a curtain to their room. Fresh air in, prying eyes out!

This is their patio table, all decorated for Valentine's Day. They bring down the raw materials and make the decorations themselves. Arts and crafts at its' finest!

They make these crepe paper flowers and use them everywhere. Need a vase? Even an empty SOL bottle can be beautiful. Do you think SOL uses red letters in anticipation of Valentine's Day?

I understand that when they were sitting around making the flowers, the hotel maids were gathered a bit away and watched every step with utter fascination.

We even got our own centerpiece for our table at home. Made especially for us. No picture of it though. I ate it on the way home.


Steve Cotton said...

Did I mention kitsch?

Great story. Great pictures. Think of the chips in the plate as artistic irregularity.

Anonymous said...

You know, if I remember correctly those cookies are called chocolatines and most of them are like that when you take them out of the package; either the nuts have fallen off, the chocolate is cracked or both. They're very good cookies though. Thanks for the pictures.