Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Need A Favor

We built the rental cabana (that I have featured on this site many times) a little over four years ago. It is a vital additional source of income to our meager retirement income. We named it Casa de los Amigos. Before we settled on this name, we did our homework. We talked to the rental agents on the island and did internet searches to make sure we were not duplicating a name already in existence. I wish other people were as thoughtful.

Just recently a large home on the south end of the island has gone onto the rental market. Guess what they named it? Yup, Case de los Amigos!!!! We have contacted the owners and explained the problem and that we have been known by that name for four years now. (it is impossible to get a copyright on a name far as I know) Since they are the new kid on the block, we graciously asked them to consider changing their name, especially since they just opened and are not yet established. Guess what we were told in response?

Let's just say they told us we don't own the name and they will not be changing it. I find this preposterous. Especially when you consider that this house, just opened for rental, is already on the market to sell. Do I smell property flipping???

So now, dear readers, I have a favor. You have been reading my blog for a long time and now I need a favor.

Please send an email to this woman, letting her know that stealing an existing property name is not very nice, not very original and not very productive to our businesses. Ask her to consider changing it. Maybe the power of the internet will convince her. What if all 800+ of you who visit here each day sent her an email? Awesome! Ok, here's the address:

Leave me a comment if you want.


A. said...

ugh, horrible lady. Does she speak English? or just Spanish. Sure some spamming can be done ;)

Theresa said...

oh, I assumed that she spoke English, oops, maybe I should have written in Spanish?

ps. what will you do when people show up at your place and think they have reservations? Send them on, or accommodate them?

Anonymous said...

We got your back Wayne, we'll try.


Anonymous said...

Just dropped the name taker a little note. I suggested she not use that name, as people who are looking to rent from you might not appreciate any confusion.

Anonymous said...

I got my email back, rejected as possible spam! I can't believe it. Where have I failed?

harvestmoon said...

Well, since we are considering coming up for the April meet-the-bloggers event and COULD be looking for a place, I sent a very confused email to them.

wayne said...

You guys are awesome! I doubt that it will convince her, but at least she knows people, other than me, think she is wrong. Thanks!

Delighted Scribbler said...

Wayne, congratulations on your business and early retirement! I love Isla Mujeres!

As for the jerk that's swiping your name, Mexico has trademark, copyright protection, and intellectual property rights.

Consult an attorney so you can register your brand name properly and begin a cease and desist process. Many lawyers in Mexico speak English, especially in the Mayan Riviera.

Good luck!