Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fireboy on Isla

Street entertainers are common in Mexico. Here on la Isla, we have seen many young men come and go whom we refer to as "fireboy" since we never know their names. I'm sure everybody who has visited Mexico has seen one in some form or the other. They light rags or globes of oil and swing them around.

Most of the previous 11 of them on la Isla have been mediocre, to say the least. But with this latest one, #12, we have a winner. This young transplanted lad from Veracruz is a natural talent. I had to break this video into two parts. Watch them both. You won't be disappointed.

But wait, there's more. He is also a very talented break dancer. When he finishes his fire routine, he starts to dance on the street. Oh, to be young! Again, two parts.


Brenda said...

The "fireboys" here do their thing when the traffic lights are in their red phase. They do a quick little routine and then go from car to car asking for money. All during the red light! I have never gotten pictures of them and really enjoyed your videos.

Steve Cotton said...

You are correct, Wayne. The guy is an Entertainer. But I did not see one person dropping any coins -- even the fellow who insisted on blocking your movie-making. Where are the arts patrons?

wayne said...

Brenda, I would love to see that! All we get at stop lights in Cancun are people selling stuff.

Steve, I have never understood why, but all street entertainers wait until after they are done to pass the hat. Were it me, I would have some cute scantily clad lass passing the hat while the show was going on! Even so, when he got to me with his hat, it was stuffed with peso bills. I bet he made 700 pesos or more for that show. And he does it multiple times per night in different locations. What makes this performance even more amazing is how shy this boy is in real life when not performing.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember 5 or 6 years ago there was a firegirl? She had long dreds and I was always afraid she was going to set them on fire. I remember sitting at Fayne’s and she was performing along with another girl who was playing an instrument, maybe a flute.

Michele in Playa said...

We get a lot of wanna be Fireboys and girls in Playa del Carmen. Most times, it painful to watch and downright dangerous. My poor firend got doused in gas (or kerosine or whatever it is) on night at a popular local club. Yikes!
This guy was great!
Do those guys still gather and break dance at the interesection where Urban Hostel is? Interesting little troupe.

Shana said...

how very funny that you should post about angel. he's a good friend of mine i just returned from visiting. i have some pictures of him from the 16th even. i'm glad that he's getting some recognition!
i love your blog, by the way.