Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Rejects

More pictures that didn't make the cut for my other blog. Nothing wrong with them, I just have better pictures to illustrate a point or they don't fit in with the story. Enjoy.

View from the rooftop terrace of our hotel in Taxco. Looking towards the cathedral.

Aquascalientes is the home to a huge bullfighting ring. There are statues galore surrounding it. This one was particularly impressive. It depicts the rounding up of the bulls.

Sunset view of Lake Chapala.

One of my favorite variegated plants. I used to have one before Hurricane Ivan took it out. Does anybody know the name? (I call it Variegated Marijuana. Based on pictures of the plant, doncha know!)

Close up of palm frond.

Desert view in Baja California Sur. I love the dessert views.

Train depot in Divisadero, Chihuahua. This is the point where three of the seven canyons come together. Very impressive view.

Sun halo in Divisadero. These are caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere. I found this hard to believe since it was over 100F that day!

View of a lake we passed in the train on the way to Creel, Chihuahua.

Somewhere between La Paz, BCS and Loretto, BCS.


david santos said...

Excelente post, Wayne!
Gracias por compartirlo.

Theresa said...

Hi Wayne, the plant is Schefflera variegata, if you think that one looks like pot, you should see Schefflera elegantissma or false aralia. Schefflera doesn't have a common Spanish name (or English one for that matter) that I am aware of.
Happy gardening,

CancunCanuck said...

Your "rejects" are beautiful Wayne, thanks for showing me a different part of Mexico. (I am sooo envious of your travels!)

Anonymous said...

That plant is most definitely not Schefflera. Its Variegated Manihoot