Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seen on Isla

Not everything on Isla is a pretty little picture. Take this building for instance.

It is located on the first block of Avenue Hidalgo off the town square. In years gone by this used to be the happening block. This building housed a restaurant/pizzaria/bar called Tonio's. I remember getting so drunk on Margarita's there once that my younger brother had to support me on the long walk back to our hotel. It has been closed down for years now and there are no signs of it ever opening again. It just sits there, slowly decomposing. A pity really since this is the first block encountered by most arriving tourists.
Island rumor is that the owner was arrested on drug charges and is still sitting in a Mexican jail somewhere. Evidently the building cannot be sold or touched while he is in jail. True or not? Who really knows.


Mexico Way said...

Funny, I thought the big pile of garbage looked worse. lol.

jeanie said...

OMG I have mucho memories of Tonios and I will never forget their rooftop banos.One night they were out of order and there was a plank going to the next roof.Not a trip you want to make after a few!!!