Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Bits of Info

After this morning, life should be returning back to normal around here. That has its' good points and its' bad points I suppose.

Off to town this morning once Ofelia gets here. Meeting up with The Boys for a final breakfast and then seeing them to the ferry. That two weeks sure went fast! The Girls are still here for awhile. We don't see as much of them though. They have visiting relatives to deal with and they go to a different part of the beach than do we.

We have some pretty good friends who come down here. All but one of them is willing to bring us down anything we want. This year saw us receiving more parts for our house alarm system, novelty yarn for my purse making business, Jello Pudding and Pie Filling, assorted bags of chocolate chips, deodorant (Mexico hasn't discovered our brand yet!), new circular and double pointed needles, Pizza Crust Mix and stained glass edging tape. Yes, we are bit eclectic in our desires and needs!

L returns from a five week absence next Thursday. Will be good to have him back. Then things will really return to normal, complete with a return to cooking real meals at home every night. As much as I despise the night I have to cook, it sure beats eating downtown almost every night when we have company. I know one of the things I will be cooking will be the great Spicy Mango Soup recipe found on Steve's blog at

The big island news is the fire last Friday. It was in the invasion. Four "houses" went up in flames within minutes. It started in one of the dwellings in the upper right corner of the lot. The wind caught it and it swept through all that cardboard and old boards like it was paper. Luckily the prevailing winds carried it away from the main encampment. It was at 11:30 PM and lots of people would have been sleeping and caught unawares. Frightening stuff. I hope they get this court battle over the property rights settled soon. That place is just a death trap as it is.

Kitten, the 16 year old cat, has been having trouble eating lately and loosing a lot of weight. I think part of the problem is that she misses L terribly when he is gone. She has bonded to him and yowls for days when he leaves on a trip. The other problem is that she is missing so many teeth. So I gave up on dry cat food for her and buy packages of beef, pork and cans of tuna for her. I cut it up into bite sized pieces and she loves it. Plus a little cheese and milk here and there and I can see she is putting on weight again. What we won't do for our pets! (plus I don't want to get yelled at by L for not taking care of "his" cat while he is gone!)

Weather has taken a turn for the worse. Like CancunCanuck said yesterday, we are being punished for bragging about our weather! I just told L the day before that while he was enjoying sub-zero weather in Toronto, we were lying in the sun at a balmy 82F! So bam! In comes a cold front that even had the tourists bundled up in their heaviest clothes last night. And it promises to be another cold one today.

That's about it from here. Gotta go clean house before the cleaning lady gets here. One of the things I do is sweep the wool rugs from Oaxaca myself and roll them up and get them off the floor. If I left it to her, she would sweep the nap right off the rugs in her exuberance to clean. Hell, she might even try to polish them with Pledge!

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