Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

What a perfect night for an ecslips last night! Just a few whispy clouds hanging around. Otherwise a bright, clear night. We had some friends over and headed for the roof, where I could get a clear shot of the eclipse. It was gorgeous, to say the least. Once the moon was completely covered, it turned into an orange glow with the man in the moon visible. Like an orange shroud had been placed over it. Saturn was even hanging around and clearly visible. You can see it as the bright dot in the lower left of picture #5. So here we go, the best of what I came up with. Start to full eclipse. Because I love you all, I am not going to subject you to tons and tons of pic. Hope you enjoy these.

If any of you have any pictures of the eclipse you want to show off, send them to me via email with your name and I will post them here. Also, there will be NO post tomorrow. I am off on a day trip to the ruins of Tulum and will be catching the 6:30 AM ferry! See you on Saturday!


Heather said...

Great pics! Gosh, I never have luck trying to take pics of the moon. In Tulum last month, the moonrise was bright red and my photos were pitiful.

Brenda said...

Very nice.

Delighted Scribbler said...

I watched the eclipse, but with all the cloud cover here in Dallas, it was hard to see clearly. Thanks for the pics; they're great!

Steve Cotton said...

I took you up on your challenge and tried some photographs of the eclipse. They ended up looking like those night time exposures of Tokyo in our seventh grade social studies books. I may be able to sell them to Yoko Ono for her next book cover.

But it was a great eclipse. And we Oregonians even had clear skies -- in February.