Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Diving Instructions

While at the beach on Saturday, I couldn't help but notice this group of rowdy young people. They were busy having a great time jumping and diving off the bridge that goes over to the Avalon Reef Club.

After a bit, a grown-up type person joined them. I think he was their PE Instructor. At least he had a piercing whistle, which he did not hesitate to blow. And blow. He kept yelling at them to line up and stuff like that. Did him no good though. They just kept on merrily doing what kids do best.....playing in their own way in their own world.

It looked like so much fun I was tempted to go give it a try myself. But then I realized to do so I would have to get up from my blanket and it all just seemed like too much effort! Besides, I like my neck and decided Saturday was not the day I wanted to break it!

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