Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Stumped

This is my 420th post since starting this blog. I usually spend part of each evening and a good chunk of Sundays preparing posts for the week. I haven't had the time, energy or ideas to be doing that lately. And today it is biting me in the ass. I have nothing prepared and it is driving me crazy! I briefly thought of another installment of my Seen on Isla or Mexico Shots photos and little stories, but I think you all may be getting tired of that. But trust me, I have thousands of pics to choose from!

I have several posts in the works but I need to gather a few more photos to illustrate them. I also have a new series in the works called Dancing Like the Stars which will showcase people dancing to the local band that plays downtown. If you think that sounds boring, just wait and watch!

One thing is for sure. I am not going to ever (ever!) post pictures of my underwear here. One blogger I read recently did that. Her dogs found her underwear that was waiting to be laundered and chewed them to bits. Funny post but I seriously doubt that anybody would want to see pictures of my underwear!

Look! I filled this post with virtually nothing and yet you are still reading! I love my readers!


Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion: I, for one, would be really interested to read a description of the various colonias (maybe with a helpful map). For instance where is Electricistas or Caridad del Cobre and why are they named that? Any special places we should visit in various neighborhoods? IslandNana

Billie said...

Yeah, ever once in a while you wonder if you are going to get another idea for a post but life happens and there is another situation worth writing about.

Just don't STOP!

Anonymous said...

Wayne – I read that Blog about the dog ravished underwear and another during the same time frame about cotton panties going for 6 bucks and a willingness to wait until a mule could bring down some less expensive briefs.

Then in the news the question of boxers or briefs to the Presidential candidates (I think Hillary said hers were boxers???). I suppose since we are here to write in our ‘diaries’ about what ever that discussions of chonies is proper fair?

I still remain pretty sure there aren’t any out there that are interested in my underpinnings. I would rather read about your having nothing to write about than seeing no entry at all – keep it up dude!


Anonymous said...


i can't wait to see your version of dancing with the stars. that's one of the few shows i watch at home-we don't have t.v. here, so it will be fun to watch what you post.

have a nice weekend!