Saturday, March 01, 2008

Reader Shots

Something new! Every once in awhile my readers will send me a picture that they have taken while on vacation on La Isla. I love that people care enough to do that. So I'm thinking, "These are too good to just sit on my harddrive doing nothing!" So I decided to start a new series featuring these pictures. So if you want to have a couple of your La Isla vacation shots shared here, click on my email address and send them along. Include any info you want. I hope I get swamped with pictures. It's always so much fun for me to see my beloved island through others' eyes and what they thought was interesting enough to snap a picture of.

We'll start with this photo sent in by Deb of Wisconsin. She saw this mask hanging in a little shop that specializes in masks on Avenue Hidalgo. The shop is named Aztlan. Deb has informed me that she did buy a mask there but when she got home, they had sent her a different mask! I can't verify this allegation one way or the other so I am just repeating it here. It does point out my earlier admonishment to always watch the shopkeepers wrap your package for shipment. Here or anywhere.

I've always gotten a chuckle out of this particular mask. It looks like Richard Nixon with wings to me. Does anybody else have a problem imagining Nixon with wings??? Everytime I see this I can hear him saying "I didn't lie!" Right.

To my great embarrassment, I cannot recall who sent me the following picture. If you recognize it, please let me know and I will come back and credit you properly. Especially since it is such a great picture and puts me to shame!

How could I, the reporter of all things fantastic on this island, have missed getting a picture of the King and Queen of Karneval this year? That crown is soooooo over the top that it is has transcended tacky and gone right to pretty. Although it does look like something that Ms. Anita Greencard would wear in a Gay Pride parade. Seriously though, this is an attractive couple and I wish them well during their one year reign of doing nothing.

So folks, if you want to be featured here, send me those pics!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo of the King & Queen! I was on Isla during carnival this year & took lots of photos, but never saw the K & Q. Love your blog! Jamqueen

Anonymous said...

Amigo - I thought you got a new, great camera (just kidding) - They are both fun photos and a good idea - no one ever sends me photos though ;-(

I do have to add my Blog entry for today was number 625 and I never am wanting for something to write about - once in a while just get in your head. I often write about something Anita and I have talked about - news in the Hood or around town or even in the news.

Juan Calypso

Anonymous said...

Oh my you are right. That is some special looking crown. She is a very pretty young lady though.

Steve Cotton said...

Nixon? Naw! Elvis -- fat years in Las Vegas costume.

The optional captions I will share when we run into one another.

Post on!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne. This is really late in coming, but thanks for posting the picture of my mask. It is finally hanging in my living room in all it's grubby glory - cracks, bad paint job and all. It pained me to look at it, because it is so ugly AND because I was swindled out of the prettier version (still Nixon/Elvis with wings)I actually selected. I decided to replace those memories with a pleasant one. The mask led me to you and your blog! I enjoy vicariously visiting beautiful Isla Mujeres through your pictures and stories!

Deb, from Wisconsin